On campus Uche Umolu

It is Okay to Be Confused


Are you not sure about what major to take? You are not sure what interests you the most? Are you not ready to dedicate your entire life to one course? Read on..

I know the title is a bit misguided especially since I already declared Government and Politics as my major, and Gender Studies as my minor. However, even though I always knew I would get a degree in political science, I was hesitant at first. I was very confused and was left with many choices thanks to the Wagner Plan.

You see when I first arrived at Wagner, I thought that it would be just like the British university curriculum. This meant I would only take classes relating to my major. I was wrong. You are required to take a few general education requirements. At first I hated it and then I loved it. As a result of these requirements I have had a chance to take classes in almost every department. Including ones that I was definitely sure I sucked at and ended up being really good at.

As I'm writing this, I just left my Art History class which is slowly becoming my favorite class of the semester. We are currently studying the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. I have never been a big fan of art till now. Surprisingly I am enjoying analyzing and writing about art. My favorite part of this class was being able to visit Museum of Modern Art, to write a paper.

The actual Starry Night (1889) by Vincent Van Gogh is located in MOMA.
L'Estaque painting by Cezanne located at MOMA










I am also taking a class in acting, which I also love. Since the start of freshman year I have taken different classes in acting, English, Philosophy, sociology and even science (my personal worst). Another favorite of mine was a class in African History. Most of these classes tend not to have anything to do with my Major. The experience and alternative gained from each class has always been helpful. Most especially in practical sense.

So really it is okay to be confused about what you want to do when you are in college. I have met people who have declared a major at least a semester before they graduate. Its okay to explore your options and finally decide to venture in what you love the most. For a while I was stuck between History, Philosophy and Government & Politics. And that is really okay. Luckily for me the Wagner Plan gave me enough space and options to make up my mind last 2 weeks and finally declare my major. All it really took for me, was a very interesting politics class in my freshman LC.  You'll eventually get to a safe place where you would be able to make that decision. People are different and unlike me, it might take you more than 2 years to make that choice.