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I’ve Been Abandoned.

I’ve been abandoned…


Alright, I might be a little bit dramatic, but it certainly feels that way! My two oldest sisters have left me and moved to far off places for my final and most important year of college. Okay, maybe I should back up. Maybe I should also stop complaining when my fellow HawkTalker, Uche, is literally over 3000 miles away from her family… But hey, I can’t help the way I feel!

I am the youngest of the 4 Wolf girls. Otherwise known as the Wolf Pack (I might be the only one who calls us that).

"The Wolf Pack"


I’m quite close to my sisters and I love spending time with them. In my 21 years of life, I’ve never been more than a few hours drive away. Now, everything has changed.

Let’s start with the first culprit- Ashley. The eldest of the Wolf sisters, Ashley is a super star. She’s extremely intelligent and just graduated from Harvard with her PhD. You would think that with all those years of education, she would know better than to move even further away than Massachusetts.  Why, why, why, did she think that St. Louis, Missouri was an acceptable place to live?! Perhaps because she is working at a prestigious lab there and bettering the world, but I’m over here! Remember me? The baby sis all alone in New York City? It’s cool, whatever, I’ll survive without my oldest and wisest sister to guide me.


Then there’s Chelsea. The second born and the life of every family gathering. After spending two years at LIU Brooklyn as a Graduate Assistant for the Women’s Basketball team, she’s ventured off to Lafayette, Louisiana to be the Director of Operation’s for the Ragin’ Cajuns basketball team… cool I know, but could she have picked a more remote location? Were the past two years of living in the same city as her youngest sister anything less than wonderful? Why Chelsea, why?!


Alas, I must find ways to cope. Skyping, texting, calling, Snapchatting— I’ve done it all. I even crafted them cute little picture frames of us so they don’t forget me while they’re gone.


I guess I should cut them some slack. They are livin' life and doing amazing things, but I can’t help thinking selfishly at times. I suppose this is all part of growing up… It’s the moment when you realize one of your siblings won’t be at Thanksgiving for the first time ever and you have to make the apple pie all by yourself (Which will be disastrous might I add… Baking is not one of my specialties). Despite my dramatics, I am extremely proud of them and can’t wait till the next time we’re reunited. I think it will go something like this:


*Sidenote: Shout out to Briana (the third born) for not abandoning me too… At least I still have one sister in the area : )