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Junior to Freshman! College 101: Told through Monsters University



I can't believe that two years have passed since I was a freshman at Wagner College. I am here to offer some advice, junior to a freshman, to prepare you and help you through the transition.


1. The Adjustment: Living away from home for the first time is a huge adjustment.  It comes with a lot of responsibility. Always make sure you have your ID card and room key. Your ID card is pretty much your life and you can't do much without these items. Advice: Buy a lanyard and keep everything on 1 keychain! But don't wear it around your neck because than everyone knows your a freshman!


2. Don't Be Afraid To Say Hello: You may think that nobody wants to talk to you but everyone is feeling the same way you are. Don't be shy! Don't be afraid to say hello to someone! Chances are they may become your best friend.


3. Roommates: For some, this may be your first time sharing a room. It is important to set ground rules with your roommate in order to prevent conflicts. For example, no talking on the phone in the room past 10:30pm. The room is your home away from home so make sure it is a great experience for the both of you. Look for the positive things in each other oppose to some of the negatives you might stumble upon. Advice: Simple communication goes a long way!


4. Food, food, food: Don't be that freshman that always complains about the food. Wagner makes sure it offers a wide variety of food options for you to choose from. Hawks Nest Starbucks will turn into your best friend! Get creative and don't be afraid to try something new! Advice: Be grateful and thankful! College is a gift!


5. Get Involved: Wagner offers more than 60 different clubs, organizations and scholarship programs. Some examples include the Bonner Leaders Network, art club, student government association, Wagner Cares, dance club, accounting society, and pre-health society. Advice: Don't over extend yourself so early. Get involved with one or two!


6. Show School Spirit: Spend an hour or two at a sporting event and cheer on the team. Wagner has a lot of different teams such as football, baseball, soccer, water polo, lacrosse and hockey. Advice: Show why you love the school you go to!

7. Time Management: Keep a calendar or planner in order to stay on top of deadlines. Google calendar is another great way to help you manage your daily routine. Time management is so important in college. Sometimes your friends are going to have to wait if you want that [A] on an exam. Advice: A's don't come easy! Make sure you STUDY!


     8. Meeting Your Professors: Professors come with a scary title, PhD. However, they are ordinary people just like you and I. Make an effort to visit your professors in there offices and say hello. Build a connection with them because they have the tools you need to be successful. They also love when students come by just to chat. Here at Wagner, the professors are personable and make an effort to know everyone in there small classes. Advice: Make an effort to introduce yourself!


9. Have Fun, Be Smart: The bottom line is we all go to college to learn. It is important to have fun to avoid the burnout of studying and classes all the time. Hang out with friends, put on some music and dance. Be smart about your actions and remember the real reason you came to college. Advice: Don't make wrong choices!


10.  Explore The City: Explore Manhattan! There are so many great restaurants, attractions and shopping districts to choose from. Don't always visit Times Square! Wagner is so great in that it offers free shuttle services to Wagner students. Advice: Travel and Explore!


11. Be Yourself: Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish - John Jakes