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What kind of coffee works for you?

As midterms and finals are nearly approach, it is no surprise when you see a plethora of students working in the library until the wee hours of the morning. Many pages in the textbook to catch up on, hundreds of definitions to memorize, and essays to write. In order to keep our heads afloat and our eyes open, you will catch a lot of us with a nice coffee in hand. But the question is, what kind of coffee works for you?

Coffee is an addiction that starts somewhere in high school and follows you into your college career. It starts with the sugary drinks that don’t have much caffeine in them but then eventually, you’re 20 years old and drinking your coffee as black as your grandparents would drink it. In this post, I will try define popular coffee drinks in my own terms.

We’ll start with my personal favorite: iced coffee with almond milk. This coffee is my go-to because it has the perfect amount of wake-me-up that I usually need. This has the amount of caffeine I need to get my day started, but I don’t end up like the Energizer Bunny after one of them.

If you feel yourself getting groggy, get a shot of espresso! Espresso represents a highly concentrated coffee, containing more caffeine per volume. AKA, it’s strong and will wake you up. If you are a fan of iced drinks, ask for it over ice!

If you are literally on your deathbed, go for a red eye. A red-eye is a hot coffee WITH a shot of espresso. This is VERY strong, but it will keep you up and energized for your late night of studying! Back in senior year of high school, three of these got me through all of my college essays! They’re perfect for a cool, crisp autumn evening in the library!

CHAI! Everyone loves a good chai. Unfortunately, it would take about six cups of chai to equate to the amount of caffeine you would get in a single cup of regular coffee. However, this is a nice refresher! If you aren’t necessarily in the mood for something dark like coffee, chai is a great substitute! Ask for heavy chai and less milk to add a little spice!