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“Enjoy your time at Wagner while you can, it goes by quickly” is a phrase that I have been told a plethora of times in my two years at Wagner and as my sophomore year comes to an end, I am starting to see how true that statement is. 

I interviewed four students who will be walking across the stage in May and ask questions about the highlights and best memories of their years at this hidden 
gem of a college.

HawkTalkBrandon Hart, a microbiology major hailing from Long Island, was a (huge) part of the Bonner Leaders Program at Wagner College. The Bonner Leaders Program relies on Federal Work Study funds to support students’ extensive 300+ hour commitment to community service. Through his involvement with the Bonner program, he became more culturally competent and more aware of the things that surrounded him. He is excited to use the skills that learned from Wagner College in his educational and social work fields.2016 Freshman Move-in Day

Two-time Student Government Association President Dillon
Quinn loved Wagner because it has offered him a myriad of opportunities. From traveling to Israel to visiting the White House, Dillon was able to
become a well rounded person from the experiences Wagner gave him. At the end of his four years, Dillon says that he learned the importance of giving back and also the importance of friendship. Something that only goes to show how tight knit our community is.

Christian Grotewold gives many thanks to Wagner for CCPteaching him how to be himself. Coming to Wagner from Guatemala gave him a fresh start. He decided to make that a start as his true self, and it worked. He discovered that the support and love from his peers, professors, and family always reminded him of who he is and why what he was doing was important, and not only for him but for others.  

Residential Assistant


Senior arts administration major Jeriana Perez was worried about being homesick since she is from California, but there were so many opportunities to get involved and to get her mind off it it. Before she knew it, Wagner became her second home. Each professor she had genuinely cared for her well-being and not only knew her by name but knew what organizations she was involved with and would engage in meaningful conversation with her outside of the classroom.

HawkTalk bloggerHadeel Mishal is a history major with a triple minor in English, economics, and civic engagement! Hadeel learned so much during her time at Wagner. She learned that sometimes you need to take a break and love yourself. She learned that community activism works and changes lives. She learned that she has her voice, and she will never let anyone take that from her. She learned that crying in public spaces is more socially acceptable than she thought.

In regards to plans after graduation, our seniors will be all over! Jeriana will be here in New York working for The Madison Square Garden Company, Hadeel will be working for The Food Trust in Philadelphia, and Brandon will be obtaining his master's degree while also having a fellowship in the Virology Lab at Rockefeller University. Wagner creates such well-rounded and educated students that go into almost any field you can think of.

All of the above have mentioned that they were proud to call Wagner their home for the last four years. Regardless of being from Guatemala, California, or even a Staten Island native, Wagner is a special place and there's no denying it.