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What It’s Like Living With Your Best Friend

"My freshmen year roommate literally ate paste." "My freshman roommate showered once a month." "My freshman roommate cried anytime I tried to communicate with him."

These are all opening lines of stories that my family and friends told me when I first told them that I was doing random roommate. Those three sentences alone could convince most people to pick a roommate from the Facebook group but something was telling me that I should do random roommate.

I made the right decision because I am now living with my best friend.

Me and my roommate posing for a picture. Naturally.

What's it like, you may ask? What's it like living with someone who can make you laugh at any second? What's it like living with someone who knows something's wrong with you the second you walk in your dorm? Well, let me just tell you!

They are always there to listen. College days are eventful and sometimes you just need to debrief in your room after a hectic day. Living with your best friend means that you have someone who will listen. Someone who will ask you how your day was and someone to ask what's wrong.

They are always down for dance parties at 3:00 AM. There have been multiple instances when one of us starts up our Spotify playlist and just go insane in the wee hours of the morning. They never look at you like you're crazy. Instead, they'll be right by you in your cramped dorm room, doing some funky dance move to your Beyonce playlist.

You always have someone to split a pizza or Chinese food with. This is a huge benefit. Are you starving but the dining hall is closed? But you also don't want to pay for a whole pizza or entree of Chinese food? This is where your roommate comes in hand. Chances are your roommate is equally as hungry and equally as stingy with their money so you two agree to split the food and split the cost. Easy as pie. (Food pun, get it?)

You both sort of become each other's mom away from home. The transition from home to college is rough for any student. Having your roommate with you through it all is amazing. Having someone to fall back on and a shoulder to cry on is very reassuring. They are the person who you know you can trust and will take care of you and vice versa.

The message I am trying to say is, don't be afraid to do random roommate! There is a chance that you will end up with someone who is different than you, but there's an equal chance that you'll end up with someone who will become your lifelong best friend. You'll never know unless you try! In addition, living with your best friend is one thing that has made my freshman year so memorable.