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Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors!


If you haven't heard, Wagner's Theatre program is ranked number two in the nation. That's right, we out-ranked Northwestern, Sarah Lawrence, and  Yale. But once you've seen a Wagner College production, there is no denying that we have a lot talent at this school.

Wednesday night was the opening of the first show of the semester, Little Shop of Horrors. As a big fan of the movie, I was so excited to finally see the musical adaptation. Not only was the show spot on, but the characters were also brilliantly casted. I was laughing so much, I actually cried at one point.

John Alati immediately captured the heart of the audience with his rendition of Seymour. There was a constant roar of laughs and cheers as Seymour finally seemed to earn the attention he deserves. In the last scene, Audrey, played by Lauren Wagner, made a touching exit that made several members of the audience tear up. As for the other Audrey, words can't even describe how perfectly hilarious the plant counterpart was. Though not physically seen by the audience, Mark Fabian, the voice of Audrey II, blew the audience away with his performance. 1376516_10151675563181243_711641807_n

My favorite part of the show is seeing the cast afterwards. At Wagner no matter what department you're in, you are connected to everyone. There were athletes, Greeks, and students with majors of all kinds who joined friends and family to support the theatre department on its opening night. It was truly an entertaining and must-see production.

This Season's Productions

Here are some this year's productions! If you can make it out here, I would really recommend to come and see these amazing shows.

Main Stage

Little Shop of Horrors: Oct. 2 - Oct. 13
Romeo and Juliet: Nov. 13 - Nov. 24
The Drowsy Chaperone: Feb. 26 - Feb. 28 / March 1 - March 9
Carousel: April 23 - May 4

Stage One

Scab: Oct. 8 - Oct. 13
Zombie Prom: Nov. 19 - Nov. 24
My Soldiers: March 4 - March 9
The Dance Project 2014: April 29 - May 4