Machu Picchu, part 2

Coming down from Wayna Picchu was a bit of a pain because hiking up for an hour and a half made my legs shaky coming down from there. Step by step, I made it back to the entrance, signed my name out, and on with the tour!! Off to see Machu Picchu! Some of the steps to get up to the main scene where all the famous pictures are taken were partially redone and not original. On our way heading to the top of Machu Picchu and while our tour guide was explaining something significant, we were interrupted by LLAMAS!

We all got awesome pictures. The view from Machu Picchu is different, but just as amazing as Wayna Picchu. From the bottom, you can see all the mountains surrounding this beautiful and very well-hidden place, which kept it from the conquistadors. I found it really interesting how the Incas had the ability to make all they did from their natural environment. They created most of Machu Picchu from the original rocks of the mountain. Some rocks were carved into different significant objects. They used echoes as a form of communicating. After a few hours walking around and being informed of these numerous and magnificent ruins, it was time for us to go back to Cuzco. We were off to the train after eating dinner. Bye Machu Picchu!! And hello Cuzco again!!

Author: vanessa.ayllon

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