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A Mama’s Boy’s Guide To Surviving College

Something that most male college students will never admit but seems to be true with the majority of them... Being a mama's boy. Whether they are embarrassed to admit it or thinking girls won't be attracted to them if they admit it. There are a scarce amount of males who will admit that their mothers will always be #1 in their hearts.

My mom and I on move-in day 2015!

I am not afraid to admit that my mother is my rock and there's no way I would have survived the last 19 years without her by my side (love you, Mismis). It was hard saying bye to her in August and figuring out how to survive on my own but here's are a few tips for all you mama's boys (closet or not) on how to make it a smooth transition.

1)  Before you leave for school, make sure your mom teaches you the basics on how to do laundry. You do not realize how much work it is to do laundry until you are in the basement of your dorm building looking at all your dirty laundry and wondering where the hell you even start with this task. Taking a crash course on how to separate your clothes, what wash to put them in, and how to dry them will help. Tip: Tide Pods will be your best friend.



2) Moms's homemade lasagna is delicious and that's probably because of the teaspoon of love that she added... WELL, I hate to break it to you but say sayonara to that. Your school dining hall may have good taco Tuesdays but it will never compare to your mom's cooking. One simple solution would be to sweet-talk your mom into sending some packages of your favorite cooked meals.



3) Speaking from experience, being sick AWAY from your mom is on the list for the worst things that can happen to someone. Anyone at college would agree with you and it is just something you have to get used to. Mama is not always going to be there to bring you sherbet for your sore throat or go pick up DayQuil. Stock up on medicine at the beginning of semesters and always be prepared.IMG_9713


4) She may be your go-to for advice but there may be times that situations are too much for a mother and you have to turn to a friend. This is one of the most difficult ones. My mom is such an amazing listener and gives some iconic advice and I really took that for granted in high school because now that I'm at college, she's not here 24/7 for me to go to. Sure, I can text her and get help but really finding someone else at school to be your support for those kind of situations is key. IMG_9714