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Meet Gina LaRosa: New Jersey Native and Expert Networker

If you are a Marvel fanatic and want a friend to go see the next movie with you or need somebody to write the theme song of your life, Gina is your go-to person. Gina, a senior arts administration major and English minor at Wagner College, is a multi-talented, busy bee with a drive to succeed. 

I had the chance to talk to Gina so that I, and you, can get to know her as a HawkTalk blogger and as a seasoned student at  Wagner College!

An active member of the Wagner community, Gina has participated in Greek life since her sophomore year, and is vice president of Tau Kappa Sigma, the only local sorority on Wagner College’s campus. Gina also works with WCBG, Wagner College’s radio station, starting as a general staff member and growing to work on concert promotion. She doesn’t stop there! Gina also takes on a heavy responsibility as head residents’ assistant (RA) of Towers Hall. 
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Gina LaRosa, a multi-talented, busy bee

Originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, she says Wagner’s campus in Staten Island, New York, reminds her of her hometown. Specifically both places are just a short distance away from a bigger city. With that said, New York offers more excitement than Philadelphia — the nearest city to her hometown — and it’s this detail that sparked her interest in attending Wagner College.


Name: Gina LaRosa
Major: Arts Administration
Hometown: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Extracurricular ActivitiesVP of Tau Kappa Sigma, Concert Promotion at WCBG Radio, Head RA of Towers Hall
Favorite Movie Genre: Action/Adventure

Gina’s choice in major, as with most things in life, was not her initial plan. When she first started Wagner College, she had intentions of becoming a music major. After discovering the arts administration program, she found herself shifting gears to take on this major instead. But even though she is no longer a music major, she doesn’t let that keep her from writing and playing music on bass and piano.

Over the years, Gina has found that Wagner’s small campus and her involvement in various clubs and organizations ensures there’s no shortage of connections she is able to make with people. One of the most crucial skills she has learned at Wagner is networking, which is valuable for any college student regardless of their major. I had a phenomenal time talking to Gina and getting to know her, not only as a Wagner student talking to another, but also as someone who is just beginning their college career to someone who is coming to the end of theirs.