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Meet JesseLyn Leston, Student Body President

One of the coolest things about Wagner being a small school is that, if you make an effort, you really can get to know a lot of important people on campus. My friend JesseLyn for example is the SGA (Student Government Association) President. I sat down with her recently to learn a little more about her and exactly what she does for the school.



My Chat With the Prez

JL: My name is JesseLyn Leston and I am the student government President. The SGA President is the liaison between the student body and the administration. So anything that the students want to change, they come through the student government and we work out a proposal that we present to the administration. It says what we want to be fixed, how we want to fix it, and then we work with them to get things done. The student government is the voice of the students to the administration.

HW: So what are some examples of things you've worked on?

JL: We try our best to fix as many things as we can... We've worked on the campus shuttle system to the ferry. We work with the drivers to fix any problems. We got coin machines in all of the buildings. We've also been working with upper administration on the "One Card System" for a few years now. It takes a while for that system to be put into place because it relies so much on technology. But the "One Card System" would make it so that when you want to go do your laundry, or buy food, or really anything on campus, you could just use your ID Card. We've also worked on the intercampus shuttle times which provides service from the parking lots back to your dorm room late at night. SGA also founded Wagner Cares which is the philanthropic organization which was initially created for Hurricane Sandy relief. Now it's changed over towards new projects in Port Richmond.

HW: What's your favorite part of being SGA president?

JL: Definitely getting to know people from a bunch of different groups and clubs because I think it really benefits me as a person. It's allowed me to grow as a person. I love hearing other people's opinions and seeing both sides of a situation so I can try and find a compromise in order to make everyone happy. That's what my goal is through all of this... To make everyone happy during their time at Wagner.

Random Question Time

HW: What's you're favorite color?

JL: Purple!

HW: Favorite animal?

JL: Pigs! I love piggies.

HW: Favorite song?

JL: Oh I have no idea...

HW: Okay let me rephrase... If you could have anyone perform at our Spring concert Wagnerstock this year, who would it be?

JL: Oh my goodness... Well I wish we could afford someone like Adam Levine. He's my man, I love him. But unfortunately we don't have the funds for that. I wish the Student Government did... but I guess I would say Adam Levine.

HW: Who is your hero?

JL: My hero is my older brother. He just had a baby who was diagnosed with Cri Du Chat Syndrome. It's a syndrome that effects his mental and physical state. It reduces his chances of mental development, and walking and talking. Whenever I see my brother, there's not a day that I don't see him looking at the positive sides of life. That sometimes you could be going through something that's so so hard on you, but you can still find a way to make it positive and say that Liam, who is my nephew, is in the right family for the right reasons, and we are going to help him to be the best person that he can possibly be.

HW: Favorite Wagner memory

JL: Hmm... my favorite Wagner memory would be when I... I don't know I can't pick just one. I guess I would say when I received a bid to the sorority that I'm in. Just being a part of an organization that you know will love you no matter what. That will always be there to celebrate all the positive things that have happened in life, they're there through everything. So my best advice to an incoming freshman would be to join any club that you can. Anywhere that you feel like it's home, join it. That's how I felt with AOII and with the Student Government.



JesseLyn is pretty much the most down to earth and kind individual I know. Wagner is lucky to have her as our President and I'm even luckier to have her as a friend!