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Meet Leo Schuchert!

Hey there, kiddos!

I realize that it has been some time since I last posted anything for all of you and wanted to alleviate any concerns you may have had during my recent hiatus.

For those of you who have not been informed, I had very recently encountered a temporary suspension of my Netflix account due to a missing payment. However, I have tended to the issue at hand since and can now gladly say that everything is as it once was. Although I do appreciate all your letters of support through these rough times.


But if I may ask of you to remember back to my last post, I'd like to further my praise of the Bonner Leader Program because there's just so much to be said of this lovely little group. So I welcome you to meet one of our very own Senior Bonners, Leo Schuchert.

As a senior Bonner, Leo Schuchert takes on the responsibility of leading the Freshmen Bonner seminars alongside the exquisite Rachael Walker, as well as planning separate Bonner events and excursions, collaborating with the Bonner coordinators on various Bonner projects, ordering pizzas, and communicating Bonner updates to all the Bonners. And I'm sure he does plenty of other important Bonner things in a secret Bonner room somewhere.

That's right. Leo Schuchert is bold enough to take on all this while also being a student and intern of the Wagner College Holocaust Program, and tending to other important things as well I'm sure. But considering that I've gave plenty praise to Leo and have said the word 'Bonner' about twelve times already, I invite you to meet the man himself.

If you can, please take about three minutes and thirty seconds of your life to watch this very informative video on Leo where him and I talk about his time here at Wagner, the Bonner Leader Program, and various other important topics.

It's a good thing to appreciate the leaders in our life, whether it's an older brother/sister, high school math teacher, or Kevin Spacey. Because where would we be without leaders?