Rebeca from behind, sitting on swing on the beach
Alyssa Tucker Featured Posts Interviews Rebeca Zoicas

Meet Rebeca Zoicas: Traveler, Writer and Creator

Rebeca sitting on a balcony overlooking a city, holding a pink camera
Rebeca Zoicas, explorer and photographer

If you find yourself browsing through Instagram’s suggested posts, you may find some of Rebeca’s photos catching your eye. This communications and media major can make any subject pleasing to the eye. A foodie at heart and a lover of the unknown, Rebeca has traveled the world and seen it through many lenses. 

Growing up in Romania, Rebeca always wanted to move to the United States. College gave her the perfect opportunity, and Wagner fell into the palm of her hands. When asked how she managed the cultural and social adjustment coming from Romania to the United States, Rebeca talked about the language barrier she faced. “I am not really an introvert, but I felt like one during the first weeks of freshman year. It really helped having a lot of nice people close to me, wanting to help and see me succeed,” she said, highlighting one of the beautiful things about a small campus. Fun Fact: she speaks Romanian, English and a little bit of French, German and Italian.

Name: Rebeca Zoicas
Year: Junior
Major: Communications and Media
Hometown: Ploiesti, Romania
Editor-in-chief of the Wagnerian, Bonner Leader, photographer, and brunch enthusiast
Favorite TV Show: Friends (Favorite Character: Monica)
Favorite Brunch Spot: The Butcher’s Daughter

Rebeca is interested in the media industry after she graduates. She even created her own major to ensure she was getting the best education to succeed in the field. Her internship experiences at the Wagner Holocaust Center and a nonprofit in Thailand have given her a wide range of experience. “I like things ‘Monica clean,’” she said as we talked about our favorite show, Friends. And it shows in the work she has done on social media not only for herself but for the nonprofit organization. 

Lending to her social media skill, Rebeca is an avid photographer and would describe herself as a “visual storyteller.” She loves to experience new places through the camera lens. From buildings to her breakfast plate, Rebeca captures every angle of her adventures.

Rebeca was very excited to mention her favorite thing about NYC, brunch culture! That’s right, “Going to brunch on Sunday is my favorite,” she said. She had no problem picking her favorite spot either, The Butcher’s Daughter (maybe she will even do a piece on it). 

While she loves NYC, Rebeca aspires to set foot on each continent, taking in the culture and beauty each one has to offer. Naturally, HawkTalk is the perfect place for Rebeca to express her passion about travel, writing and photography. She will share the best places to explore in NYC, give insight into traveling abroad and everything you need to know about following the footsteps of a true adventurer.

Rebeca from behind, sitting on a swing on the beach with palm trees

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