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Meet the fun-loving freshman, Dillon Quinn


When you meet Dillon Quinn for the first time there's no doubt that he's a kindred spirit. This freshman arts administration major from Denville, New Jersey is always enjoying life to the fullest.

Since orientation, Dillon has adventured to the city 7 times already. One of the main reasons that attracted him to Wagner was the closeness to the city, and he has definitely taken advantage of that. He loves "exploring different areas of the city and trying new things." You can always find an abundance of scenic city photos on his Facebook.

Just recently he saw the Broadway show Once, winner of 8 Tony Awards, where he was able to get 8 cast members' autographs. A Broadway fan, Dillon's favorite show is the British sensation Billy Elliot.

Upon interviewing Dillon, we both found out we have the same dream of working for the NBC network. His dream job, as would anyone else if you ask me, is to work for the absolutely fabulous and hilarious Ellen DeGeneres.

Currently Dillon is running to be a freshman SGA senator. Knowing him, I would say he got this in the bag. He is so enthusiastic in everything he does and would be an amazing contribution to the student government. He is also involved with WagCab and Society of Arts Administration Students.

If you ever come and visit Wagner's campus, watch out for Dillon as your Student Ambassador tour guide!

Some fun facts:

1. Never been stung by a bee.

2. Favorite color is orange.

3. Never broken a bone.



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