My Brother’s Wedding

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for my long absence! It has been a hectic two and a half weeks, and I realized that I am somewhat behind on keeping everyone updated with my travels!

My brother's wedding down in Southern California was absolutely wonderful! It was very exciting and I must say that my brother and his wife were a very happy couple that day. As part of the bridal party, I particularly enjoyed the photo session we had with the photographer. I must say that the pictures we took that day was priceless. As my very first wedding I have ever attended, I can confidently say that I had a lot of fun at the ceremony and the reception. It was wonderful to see all of our friends and family attend the ceremony and/or the reception, and how happy they were for my brother. That day was a day for me to remember, and I am sure that it was a day that my brother will not be forgetting anytime soon, either!

This was the flower my mother wore during the wedding. Compliments of the wonderful florist!

Author: Lynn Tay

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