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My First Thanksgiving Away From Home

To most, it is a day to sit around the tv, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and stuff your face with Aunt Jackie’s famous mashed potatoes and gravy. One thing that almost all families have in common is that on Thanksgiving Day, you’re surrounded by your loved ones and the ones you care about the most.

With a **% student body coming from out-of-state, many students do not fly home for Thanksgiving break because in three short weeks, they will be on their way home for winter break, and would spend an arm and a leg on flights. This means that for the first time in 18 years, students will be spending the holiday that is heavily affiliated with family, with a few people that stay on campus during break or with a different family.
This year, I spent my first Thanksgiving with people other than my family. It was great and amazing however there was something missing.




Each family has their own traditions that they participate in on Thanksgiving. There are some interesting ones like watching the parade in onesies or the most common ones like all pitching in to help cook the feast. These are the things that you look forward to each holiday season and you have been for as long as you can remember. Being away from home sort of feel as if you are going through a culture shock because of how different things are and how much it messes up your feng shui. My main tradition with my family is that after we stuff our faces with the delicious food that my aunt and mom made, we would play cards against humanity until midnight, or later. It was odd this year when I wasn’t peeing from laughter at some dumb card that one of my relatives played. Lucky with technology breakthrough, FaceTime and Skype are a thing and allowed me to be connected with my family even though I was hundreds miles away.


Food- such an important factor of Thanksgiving Day. Growing up with your family, your taste FullSizeRenderbuds have a special knack for all of your relative’s foods. Most of the time, these foods are only made once or twice a year so it’s detrimental that you’re able to eat these delicious dishes. My experience with not being able to eat my Mimi’s strawberry pretzel cheesecake this year honestly made me tear up a bit but the bright side of spending the holiday with another family is that you are able to taste the iconic dishes from other families. I even discovered how much I love sweet potato pie!


As odd as it can be spending Thanksgiving somewhere else, try to think of it as a time to experience other family’s traditions and meals. Just be sure to send your love to your family because as hard as it is for you, it’s probably 17x harder for them.