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My New Wagner Year Resolutions

In order to make 2015 and this semester much better for me, I decided to pen down a few changes that hopefully make my life as a Wagnerian much better.

The cliche: hit the gym

I say this with all honesty in my heart, I have never actually been inside a gym before. I pass by the gym located in the Spiro Sports Center almost everyday and never stepped inside it or any other gym for that matter. I am generally an unfit person, my highest form of exercise is when I have to travel somewhere and drag my suitcase across New York City to whatever airport. This has to change, so this year I am purchasing a pair of trainers (I have never owned a pair in my life), gym attires, or whatever you guys wear and hitting the gym. 

Food: Get breakfast more often

I usually I'm not a breakfast person and this isn't because I do not like breakfast. It has more to do with the fact that I refuse to get up at 8am to get breakfast when my only class for the day is at 1pm. You get the point. However at the times when I have a class pretty early and manage to get myself breakfast from the Hawks, it feels great and sets a good tone for the rest of the day. (Notice how my next resolution after the gym commitment is about food? Sigh.)

Time management: Be on time

In one of my posts last semester, I gave tips on avoiding procrastination, read here in case you missed that. Well, you know what they say about not usually taking the advice you give out? Yup that is me. So one of my resolutions this year at Wagner is to literally get myself together. No more doing homework at 6am, 2 hours before its due. No more leaving a 20 page reading to an hour before the class. No more!

Explore: USA especially New York City

Quite frankly, my tourist archives on New York City are practically non existent. I'm usually in the city with a mission or a specific destination. This year I want to literally roam around aimlessly and explore this beautiful city that I am lucky to live in. I also want to visit other cities in the US, maybe take a road trip on either the East or West Coast. My top states and cities to visit are Florida, Atlanta and Los Angeles

Hawktalk: expand and be more creative

Just because I love each and everyone of my readers, its only right that I include you guys in my resolution. This year I hope to have more interviews with more people here at Wagner. Wagner has kids from different countries and cities, and it would be a pleasure to get to know them and introduce them to you guys as well.


Hopefully I get to accomplish most or all of this before the year runs out!