Pre-Dentistry Society Board Members
Lynn Tay On campus

Networking with Health Professionals

On Thursday, March 21, 2013, Wagner students gathered in the Faculty Dining hall to attend the 2nd annual Health Professions Networking Reception.  Pakinam Mekki, the President of the Pre-Health Society, had worked hard and coordinated the event, making all of the name tags for the students and health care professionals in attendance. The health professionals came from private practices and the Staten Island University Hospital. Wagner alumni who were currently in medical or dental schools attended and gave advice to aspiring Pre-Health undergraduate students.

Opening Remarks by President Guarasci
President Guarasci giving the opening remarks at the Health Networking Reception and sharing his thoughts about the hard work ethics of the students in Wagner's Pre-Health program.

It was an enjoyable night, and Wagner students were able to meet experienced health professionals and students, learning more about each person's experiences in the health field and the journey in becoming a health professional. Students exchanged business cards with the health professionals for future shadowing or volunteering opportunities. Many members of the Pre-Health Society and the Pre-Dentistry Society attended the event, as well as other Wagner students who were considering a career in the health field.

Pre-Dentistry Society Board Members
Some of the Pre-Dentistry Society Board Members at the Health Networking Reception on Thursday night. (Picture from left to right: Gregory Balaes '13, Lynn Tay '15, and Rad Meylikh '14)

I had the privilege to meet a Wagner alum who recently graduated from University of Pennsylvania's dental school. She currently is in residency in Connecticut and specializing in prosthodontics, the branch of dentistry which focuses on the restoration and replacement of teeth, crown replacements, and mouth reconstruction. She told us that Wagner had prepared her well for dental school at UPenn. Another piece of advice she gave was that we should enjoy our time as undergraduates and take classes that will help us become a well-rounded individual. She was a great help and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Her words of encouragement were heartening, and we left the reception with a better understanding of what it takes to get into dental school, as well as how to make the most of our education here at Wagner.

Wagner's close-knit community among the undergraduate students and alumni helped make this event a huge success. At a larger university, it would be hard to be able to have the close family-like connections among alumni and undergraduates. The family-feel of this school is something that I cherish and was one of the big factors of deciding to come here. Every day, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be at a school where faculty, alumni, and older peers genuinely want to help me grow and guide me to achieve my goals.

I know that any student who has the heart to pursue a career in the health field will find Wagner College a place to grow as a student and a person, and become well-rounded in all disciplines. Wagner has provided me with opportunities that no other college could give me, and I cannot wait to see what future experiences bring my way!