Hola from Nick!

Hello there! It's Nick reporting from Peru! It has been an amazing time since the start of the trip. Traveling from the United States into Lima, and then from Lima into our current location Trujillo has been great! Day 2 of our lab research was very exciting. In the lab we are analyzing remains, and most recently we have been even analyzing juvenile remains. We are located in a museum between the Huaca de Luna and Huaca de Sol, two very sacred monuments that very much symbolize the past of Peru.

Besides our studies, Peru has been amazing! The food is excellent, and the culture is so diverse. It is an amazing place to learn and experience many new things. Personally I love to surf, and the surf here is great! I ventured out Sunday for the first time ever to experience the waves provided by the Pacific, and let me tell you, it was awesome! There is so much more to look forward too and I'll be sure to include as much detail as I can next time I write.



Author: Celeste Marie Gagnon

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