On campus Uche Umolu

No, you do not have more time left. Start now!

Besides "Biafran Queen", "Nelo Pelo" and a bunch of other really pointless nicknames (now that I think about it), I can be called "Procrastination Queen." If there was a club of students who procrastinated everything, I would be the president of the club. If procrastination was a terminal disease, I would have been dead a long time ago. Even this current blog post is about 2 days past deadline (I'm sorry Megan and Dillon). Yeah, I really procrastinate that much.

So from me, a serial procrastinator, to you, these are my suggestions on how you could manage your time much better than I do:

Get a Planner:

This is probably the best financial decision you would make. I cannot emphasize on how important it is to invest in a planner, a book planner. I am not talking about your iPhone planner or apps like Tempo, I mean a real calender format book planner. The problem with planners on smartphones is that you are most likely to close the notification and pretend like you do not have 5 essays due the next Monday. On the other hand, with book planners, you can set yourself deadlines and can see very clearly when the work you have to do is due. You will feel so relieved when you cross off something on your "to do" list. I promise.

Reward yourself:

The biggest source of my distraction is reality TV. Anyone who knows me, knows I love and live for reality shows. Watching a slam down on Bad Girls Club definitely seems more fun than writing an essay on the analysis of Plato's The Republic. Thanks to Vodlocker and Gorilla Vid (places to watch virtually any show) the episode you missed an hour ago is still going to be available, always. Remind yourself that you can always come back to your episode but cannot take back the big fat 'FAIL' stamped on your paper if you don't get started on it. Then when you are done, reward yourself with unlimited episodes of reality rachetness.

Right after you are done with the work
Yes you do, now FOCUS

Go to the library:

I know this might seem like the most obvious suggestion but I personally hate going to the library. You are not going to get any work done on your comfortable bed, with your super comfortable pillows, in your ever so soft and warm jammies. I promise it won't work. Even if it does work, you will end up taking 6 hours to write an essay that should take an hour. I know this from experience. So just put on your clothes, pack some candy, your favourite soda, close your eyes and just take that trip to the library. The thought of leaving the cold place called 'The Library' and going back to your comfortable room will make you get your work done faster.

Switch off all devices:

I REPEAT, SWITCH OFF ALL DEVICES! That means bye bye iPhone, bye bye PS4, bye bye iPad and goodbye whatever new device the consumer market has decided to throw our way. If possible, goodbye laptop. You could always use the computer in the library to do any work that needs to be typed. That way you are not distracted by your bookmarked shopping sites or the short cut to your laptop games. Social media tends to distract us from real life which leads us to procrastinate. Getting rid of all these would allow you to get your work done quicker and back to tweeting about how cute Blue Ivy is.

So there you have it people. the few ways you can avoid leaving all your school work till Sunday  night, even though you had all of the weekend to do it. I am still working on getting rid of my procrastination habits, so I hope you join me on this very difficult journey. Emphasis on "difficult" because it really is hard.