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Our Newest HawkTalk Blogger: Meet Brandon Hart


fghjkMy name is Brandon Hart and I am so happy to announce that I am a part of the HawkTalk family. I am eager to share with you my outgoing personality and my crazy outlook on life.

Kwasi Enin, and I both graduated from William Floyd High School. He graduated one year after me

For starters, I come from Long Island, New York. I say Long Island like LAWWWNGG ISLANDDD. From Cawwfeee (coffee) to Wartaaa (water), you can already imagine that I carry out every vowel in the english language. I am a proud alumnus of the ever-famous William Floyd High School. I graduated in 2013 with high academic achievement.

I came to Wagner College and fell in love with the campus. I knew I wanted somewhere close enough to home but just far enough away. I am 10801928_10203390586510202_3346929235852125014_n a Microbiology major and a Chemistry Minor with a passion for public health. I absolutely love anything and everything to do with bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. After all, bacteria are our friends!...for the most part. I am just so fascinated with the unseen world and how unseen living organisms can cause disease. Aside from academics, I am very involved with research on campus. I conduct my own independent research with Dr. Corbo, and partner Anthony Gonzalez on the Isolation of Bacteriophages for Listeria Monocytogenes. We are looking giphy-5for new ways to treat Listeria infections which can cause spontaneous abortion in third trimester pregnant women.

Aside from a busy schedule I love being involved on campus and the local community. I am involved with many different clubs and organizations. I am a part of a highly selective national civic engagement program called The Bonner Leaders Program. We commit to over 300 hours of civic engagement work each year in the local community. The Bonner Leaders Program is all about opportunity and growth. It is very important to me because it serves as a model for civic-minded students like myself to be involved. It 10509668_10204324022285897_1714356997994338739_ngives us an opportunity to learn about local, global, and systemic issues. Bonner Leaders, like myself, learn about social justice issues, diversity, and community building. We learn through our seminar and incorporate our knowledge into our civic engagement work in order to create lasting changes in the community.  I am the Co-President of Wagner Cares, and the Civic Engagement Chairman for the Pre-Health Society. I am now proud to announce a new involvement with HawkTalk.

In the community, I volunteer a lot with New York Cares and Project Hospitality. In my freshman year, I served as a Hurricane Sandy Relief Intern for Project Hospitality. I also served as the Associate Director for the EyeOpeners Youth Against Violence program on Staten Island. Currently, in my sophomore year, I work as a chemistry student teacher, and tutor at Port Richmond High School.giphy-1

On my spare time, I love hanging out with my friends and family. I have an obsession for marine and aquatic life. I love playing with my stingray “Poppa” and tending to my saltwater fish tank. During the summer months, when
school is not in session, I love traveling and spending time on the beach with friends.

I look forward a monumental spring semester at Wagner. I am busy gearing up for my science conference in April where I will be presenting my research. Aside from academics, I plan on making fun civic engagement events through my select organizations. I am so eager to share with you my future blog posts. Below are some fun facts you should know about me. They foreshadow the future blog post to come. PS. Don't be a stranger when you see some red snake skin shoes on campus.

Fun Facts About Me

Love ice coffee, mango smoothies and Ralph's Italian Ices.
I pick out my outfits based on my Snake Skin Shoes.
I do this thing with my tongue when I get mad... this was pretty accurate.
Finally, I love Grey's Anatomy. If Dr. Cristina Yang was a real person, I would marry her tomorrow!!!

I hope you learned a little bit about who I am.

Signing off,

Brandon Hart