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Oval Days

If you're a perspective student reading the title of this blog, you may be very confused as to why I am writing about a geometric shape. If you're a Wagner College student, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Around this time of year, mother nature starts cooperating with us and the weather is gorgeous. This means the large patch of grass in the middle of campus starts to become occupied by many students who refuse to spend anymore time cooped up in their dorms. These days are usually accompanied with a picture on Instagram with caption of "Oval Days".


Oval Days are honestly the best days of the year. Sometimes they occur in the early fall, but they are best in the spring because they come right when you start getting annoyed of the bipolar New York weather. Sophomore Olivia Josephson says that her favorite thing about oval days is "Just being able to enjoy the beautiful weather with my friends and listen to music and not worry about school".

What Olivia says is so true. Being on the oval is a time to just enjoy and live in the moment and not worry about the stress of school and finals coming up. Especially with the end of the school year, your time with your friends is limited and if you want your last memories to be good ones, hanging out on the oval is a great idea!

Even the clubs take advantage of Wagner's iconic landmark. Sororities compete in games on the oval. For Dance Week, the Dance Club had a swing dance class on the oval! In addition, the dining services will sometimes be very generous and will have dinner on the oval so you can eat outside with all your friends.  They use it for so many events and always so exciting to see what is happening on the oval daily.

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