Peculiar Pacay

While here in Peru, I have recently discovered the strange looking and strangely delicious tasting pacay fruit; well, technically it is part of the legume family. But when we live in a world where tomatoes are fruits and watermelons are vegetables, I think classification of foreign delicacies should be rather lenient.

The pacay fruit is a relative of snow peas, mostly because of the way it is packaged. The fruit is encased in a long, hard green shell that you must cut open and peel. Inside, you find marshmallow size white puffs enclosing a large green seed. The white part is the fruit. Its texture is so strange, it's difficult to describe; it is a mix between cotton candy and cotton balls. Once it hits your mouth, it simply melts on your tongue into sugary pulp granules.

I think pacay is such a bizarre fruit that I have never encountered before. It is a native plant of Colombia and South America. But I am bringing seeds back to the United States. Hopefully, California weather will be suitable to grow more of this peculiar pacay so I can share it with my family!


Author: Celeste Marie Gagnon

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