Christian Grotewold


Homer shows his support for Pie-A-Chi

I got pied in the face. Multiple times actually, and by students who were willing to pay a dollar to do so. I was not the only one getting pied in the face on Saturday, though; some of the other brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity also got this delicious and sticky treatment. It was entertaining watching people consider the idea of smashing plates with whipped cream to our faces for only one dollar; you could see the satisfaction in their eyes once the plate got nearer and nearer to our faces, but it was all in good fun and it was for a good cause.

Every year, Theta Chi Fraternity hosts this fundraiser called "Pie-A-Chi," where you literally pie the brothers who volunteer in the face. After many delays due to weather conditions, we finally were able to carry out our activity this past Saturday between noon and 4 pm outside the Union. We lined up the chairs, put plastic trash bags on us so we would not ruin our clothing, plugged an iPod to a speaker to play all the latest popular music, and readied ourselves for some sticky action.

Katie Smith, sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha, shows her support for Theta Chi.

The first few people that came up to us were members of other Greek organizations and other friends who were willing to break the ice. It is a little awkward to smash plates filled with whipped cream into the faces of strangers, especially people who you know will remember you as "the one who pied me in the face." So it was natural that our friends would be first in line. Once the ball started rolling and other students and staff saw that we were being enthusiastic about being pied in the face, they did not think it twice and began to pie our faces one after the other. Even amongst brothers, we paid to pie one another and it was very gratifying.

My brother Patrick Dutton and I show how much we love each other.

After four hours of being pied we were all sticky, smelled really bad and got really sun burned, but it was a very successful fundraiser. In the end, Theta Chi Fraternity was able to raise around $120 that will be going towards research for colon cancer. As a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity I would like to thank every single person that came to Pie-A-Chi to help out or just to donate for the cause. Your help was greatly appreciated and it went to a good cause.

There are many more events to be expected from the brothers of Theta Chi, and I personally can tell you that you will love them all. In the meantime, I will be keeping an eye out to everyone who pied my face.