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Podcast Enthusiast

Up until this past summer I firmly believed that podcasts were only for the enjoyment of adults over the age of 40. I'm not sure if this is a common misconception, or if this was just a totally unreasonable misconception I made. Either way, I truly did not understand that people my age listened to podcasts at their leisure.

It wasn't until last summer when a few friends and I were taking a road trip that I first developed my  love and appreciation for podcasts. We were only a few minutes into the car ride when my friend, Hannah, put a podcast on for us all to listen to. At first I was skeptical and honestly stunned that my friend listened to podcast, but my skepticism quickly died off. Within a few minutes I was completely sucked in and intently listening to it along with the rest of the car.

My friend had played us an episode of the podcast "Dirty John" and it only took this first introduction to have me hooked. I ended up listening to the entire series in a matter of three days. "Dirty John" is a thrilling mystery podcast based on a true story. It kept me on the edge of my seat for an entire four hour car ride.

Podcasts are the perfect time killer for long car rides. I have traveled a lot and I learned that you can only blast music and sing along for so long. Eventually you well get bored of your playlists or run out of people to call on the phone, and this is when podcasts come in clutch! They can keep your attention for hours and are great for entertainment when you are traveling alone or with a car full of people.

I know many of you are probably thinking about how much WiFi you would be using if you listened to podcasts during a road trip, but you can pre-download them! That way, if you still don't have unlimited data like my family, they will be on your phone and you won't be wasting that valuable data.

You can listen to podcasts almost all the time. They are great to listen to on work commutes, while you’re at the gym, on walks, while your making dinner, doing homework, or really just about anything if you are good at multitasking.

The best thing about podcasts, is that there is one for literally anyone's interests. No matter what you like, or what type of mood you are in, there is a podcast for you. I tend to listen to mysteries when I am on long car rides because I can really get into them and focus on the plot line. On shorter commutes or while I am exercising etc., I typically listen to comedy series.

There are also great educational podcasts. I have listened to multiple that are informational about the occupation fields I am interested in potentially entering. There are educative podcasts on nearly any topic, money, history, religion, public speaking, leadership, weight loss, etc. You name it there is a podcast about it.

As you can tell, after discovering podcasts I have now become a podcast enthusiast. I encourage anyone who has never tried listening to one, to go browse the purple podcast app on your phone (if you have an iPhone). Once you find out what you like, you're going to love podcasts just as much as I do!