Port Richmond & Clever Closings

So here I am, sitting down to write my third blog post.  A lot has happened in the past week or two in my life.  One thing that didn't happen, however, was the discovery of a catchy way to end these posts.  Maybe I'll think of something before I end this one.

So just after the last post I made, I went to an important dinner at President Guarsci's house.  President Guarsci has a really large presence on our campus.  In fact, it's not odd for him to invite a group of students and faculty to his house for dinner or dessert.  Right before school starts in August, he always has all the RAs and Orientation Peer Leaders over for an ice cream party!  The food is always delicious.  It's just really nice to know the President is someone you can reach out to for advice, guidance, or great food.

Anyway, the reason I was at Dr. Guarsci's house was to participate in a conversation with some important members from the Port Richmond community.  There were lots of numbers and figures that were discussed, which I don't really know about.  But what I do know is that Port Richmond is a community that never disappoints, and a place where you may spend a lot of time as a Wagner student.  Some students spend more than thirty hours in the community as a part of the experiential learning component for their LC, while others volunteer to spend time helping kids do their homework.  Nursing students even work in some of the health-related places in the community.  Whatever your passion is, you can find a way to pursue it in the Port Richmond community.  I hope you choose to do so.

If you have any questions about Port Richmond, please feel free to comment on these posts or email me directly (kellie.griffith@wagner.edu).  Also, just as important (not really), if you can think of a clever way for me to end these posts, please let me know... sooner rather than later.

Hope you enjoyed this post and are currently enjoying your summer.  Wagner is waiting for you!

(... Hey, that wasn't too bad!)




Author: Kellie Griffith

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