Preparation to Head Down South

This week has been a hectic week for my family!  I had two aunts, Aunt Mei and Aunt Yi, and one cousin, Kexin, arrive in Sacramento from Singapore two days ago, and my family  and I have been taking them around to see the sights around town and have them get a sense of what California is like.  Kexin took a beautiful picture of the sunset at our house yesterday evening, and I wanted to share the rural sight of my home. In all technicality, I live in a suburb of Sacramento called Elk Grove.  Not all of Elk Grove looks like the community in which I live in.  My family just happened to choose to live in the outskirts of the suburb to escape the busy lifestyle of living in the central part of a suburb.  I must say that it is drastically different from Manhattan, but going to school at Wagner and visiting the city frequently has helped me better appreciate the fresh air and quiet scenery.  The grasslands and the shining sun, as well as the sounds of crickets and calling songbirds always bring a smile to my face.  I must say that I am just glad to be back home and am soaking up every bit of it.

The view from the bottom of the hill from the edge of our lot

My brother's wedding is coming up very soon (this Saturday, to be exact) and my family and visiting Singaporean relatives are all preparing for our departure to Southern California (SoCal) tomorrow!  All of us are busily packing our suitcases for our week-long trip down in SoCal, where we will go for a wedding, then head over to Las Vegas in Nevada, then back to Disneyland California Adventures, then finally coming back home to Sacramento.  I am excited for this family trip, and I hope everyone will stay tuned to hear about my travels down in wonderful Southern California!

Author: Lynn Tay

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