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Presenting the Wagner College Film Society!

Hey you. Yeah you. No not you. The guy next to you. Well actually you too. But not that other guy in the corner with the fedora on. Just you both. Wait, maybe him too. Actually, how about all of you. That's right, everyone. Everyone stop what you are doing right now. Because boy do we have some news for all of you.

Listen up, Matthew Mcconaughey


We all know Wagner to be highly recognized for its performing arts program, which is rightly so because come on, we've all seen a Wagner show before. Unless you haven't, which in that case, make note to see Wagner's new upcoming Main Stage show "Cats" that's opening soon! But despite all that wondrous talent, Wagner College also has a very respectable Physician Assistant program, History Major, Education Major and plenty others as well. Just go take a look yourself.

But among these great programs is a vibrant, hidden phoenix slowly rising up from the bed of ash that is the foundation of the Wagner Plan and is gradually-

"Uh Cameron, you're doing that elaborate analogy thing again..."

Oh right, my apologies. Let me get to the point. As some of you already know, Wagner College has just recently introduced the new Film & Media Studies Major! For all of you Wagner folk wishing for the one day that the audio-visual crossover would come, it is now finally here! Some of you have already got the jump start on all of us and are already taking classes to pursue a major in film. However, this may just be fresh news to all those other un-enlightened individuals.

This is why, in light of the new film major, Wagner College now has its very own Wagner College Film Society! That's right. kids. For all of you with a passion, keen interest, slight curiosity, or utter misunderstanding with film- you can now stop, drop, and open up shop with the Wagner College Film Society.

The Wagner College Film Society was created by senior Corrine Matlak and I to help bring people on the Wagner campus interested in film together and establish the film scene that's been clearly missing for us film students. Within our little "club" we expect to expand upon people's knowledge of film to encompass the wide array of independent filmmaking that is happening today. This is done through applying one's talents to a specified position on or off set within an actual film production, meeting with other filmmakers, visiting various film centers in the city, participating in film festival collaborations, and even offering help in bringing your own visions to life. Oh and did I mention that we will be putting together Wagner College's first official short film festival this upcoming May? Yup, that's happening.

Wag Shorts Film Festival. Kinda like Sundance Film Festival....they both happen on a hill


Indeed, there is so many exciting things on the horizon of the Wagner College Film Society. So that is why we are encouraging you all to come and join us on our ambitious journey ahead, whether you are a film major or not. Bring your friends, your sister, your dog, that one guy with the fedora. Alright maybe not your dog. But if you've ever watched a film before and maybe thought that was kinda cool then we invite you and all your mates obsessed with Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone to stop by one of our film meetings sometime.

"Sorry Spidey, I'd love to chill but Wagner College Film Society starts in an hour"- Emma Stone


The Wagner College Film Society meets every Monday at 9:15PM in the Guild Study Lounge. Don't think you can make that time? Let us know and we'll contact you with some news on how you can still be apart of our snazzy group. Want to stay in the know of the super, overwhelmingly incredible things happening with us? Check out our Facebook page, our Twitter handle, or follow us on Instagram at 'wagnerfilmsociety'. You can also contact me at cameron.haffner@wagner.edu or Corrine at corrine.matlak@wagner.edu if you'd like as well.

As more and more people take note of the new Wagner College film major, film lovers will join forces with us to create the ultimate and strongest coalition of film that Wagner College will ever see. The question is...will you be there when it happens?