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Presenting Wagner’s First Film Festival

Alright people, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Actually no, its not a little secret, I believe it's honestly quite big of a secret. But perhaps that was the first secret, the secret of how the small secret is actually a big secret. Yet that secret doesn't compare to the actual major secret I'm going to reveal to you, which- wait... I've already told you the secret before in an earlier post so I suppose its not much of a secret anymore. Hmph.

Well I've built up all this hype around secrets so if you stick around to the end of this post, I'll reveal a secret to you that I've sincerely never told anyone before. Not even myself...


But until then, here's the big news that I have briefly mentioned before. I am proud to announce that Wagner College will be putting on its very first short-film festival, called Wagner Shorts on Saturday, May 2nd in the Manzulli Board Room. Yay!!!

"Gee that sounds lovely Cameron! But uhh, what's a film festival and does it involve pizza?" Glad you asked intrigued bystander because that's exactly why we are having this film festival! Along with Wagner's new film major, we want to really introduce you to everything within the world of film and all it has to offer. And film festivals play a large role in the filmmaking process, especially for independent films.

A brief history!

Independent filmmaking at its best

Long ago in an industry far far away, only studio films could find distribution due to their predominant control of the theaters and direct link to film audiences. However, as new auteurs emerged into the art of film, independent filmmakers found themselves lost and alone with no wittle theatre to play their wittle film and no audience to see it either. Enter, the film festival. Through the boom of independent film in the 1970s and the revolution of the Sundance Film Festival, filmmakers now had a venue for their films to be seen by an audience and possibly picked up by a distributor. If it wasn't for film festivals, we wouldn't have some of the greatest films like Pulp Fiction, Bottle Rocket, Memento, and Transformers 2. I think one of those is out of place.

So yeah, film festivals serve the essential role of showcasing films you wouldn't normally see at your local Regal theatre and such. And its a great place to celebrate art, cinema, people, culture, and oftentimes pizza. New York, being the massive creative hub it is, has about every film festival you can think of, all happening throughout the year. In fact one of the bigger New York (and world) film festivals is going on right now! This, of course, would be the Tribeca Film Festival which runs now until April 26th. If you have some time, maybe stop by and see a film or two or say hi to Robert De Niro. Hey, I may even sell you a ticket there since I'm working there as a ticket agent this year!

Your life just changed a little bit right now

Yes, New York has a ton of film festivals but I'm afraid they just got one more: Wag Shorts Film Festival! We'll be screening films from many different individuals, clubs, and other community organizations on campus. It's really a great place to see all the things going on around the Wagner campus you would never know of since you were sitting in your bed and watching season three of House of Cards.

Wag Shorts Film Fest will take place on Saturday, May 2nd in the Manzulli Board Room with doors opening around 6:30PM and our screenings beginning around 7PM. There will be Moes served along with refreshments and a bunch of nice people interested in film! So come out and have a jolly good time with us as we make Wagner history! Hope to see you there, film fanatics.

Oh yeah that secret thing, I almost forgot. Alright I'll let you in on the intense secret you've been waiting for. I secretly... accidentally walked out of a restaurant without paying and didn't realize until later. Should I go back and pay the bill or would that be too awkward? Let me know in the comments. If you don't, I'll just ask my magic eight-ball or Yahoo Answers.