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Presents or Presence: Getting Involved

Hey everyone! Are you looking to get involved? Are you waiting for the right club to show up at your doorstep, slap ya in the face, and get you active in your community? Well then you’re in luck because there is a parallel universe at Wagner College. It can transport you to another dimension, changing your life… forever. If you think I'm exaggerating, well... you’re right. BUT there is this extremely cool web portal that will change your life and allow you to grow as an individual. It is called Presence. No, unfortunately not the presents you get for your birthday or Christmas. However, presence can provide you with the gift of learning all about what Wagner’s Campus Life has to offer.

While we are no longer in the dark era, Presence isn’t as easy to find compared to the ads that pop up on your Instagram feed. That being said, it really isn’t hard to find. Presence provides a platform for students to see all the clubs and organizations Wagner has to offer or is affiliated with. It is a great place to see the opportunities available, get involved, add some experience to your resume, and act out of the goodness of your heart. Luckily, you have me to show you exactly how to work Presence, therefore you have no excuses for being lazy or making false claims that Wagner has nothing to offer. Because it does, especially for how small of a school it is, it has lots.

Step 1: There are two journeys one can take to arrive to this universe we call Presence, however, the easier of the two is simply typing wagner.presence.io into your search engine. Otherwise you can go to Wagner’s homepage, find the Co-Curricular Programs link in the A-Z tab at the top. Once you are on the Co-Curricular Programs page, clink “Get Involved” on the side bar. In the body of this page, the last sentence has a link to Presence written in a gold color. Click on that and it will land you exactly where wagner.presence.io would have.

Step 2: After your landing, you will see the Presence homepage. In the top right hand corner reads “Organizations”. Click on this and get ready for the overload of clubs. All clubs and organizations will be there once you arrive, in alphabetic order. Recognize the search bar and the filters you can place to narrow down your journey.

Below I have included an example of the type of information you will see when you click on an organization. This is the Black Student Union. You can see here that you can also contact the club through Presence and fill out a form in hopes of joining.  

As you adventure through Presence you might land upon the events section. While I follow Lee Manchester’s "Daily Bulletin" emails religiously, not everyone does. However, you can always find events through Presence so you can never complain that there is nothing to do or you just “didn’t know.”

My best advice to anyone and everyone entering college is get involved and ask questions. Your college experience, regardless of where you go or what you study, is yours to make. It is entirely what you make of it.. Don't be afraid about asking questions, figuring out how to get involved and form connections with current students and alumni. Getting involved is a great way to feel at home, build a community that can bring you great success in life, and grow as an individual. I hope this guide to Presence provides your present (and future) with presents of friends and experiences.