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Recruitment 101


So what is recruitment? By definition it's a week dedicated to sororities as they hold parties to invite new members into their organizations, but it's so much more than that. It is a week where you meet new friends and become part of a greater Greek family. Sisterhood is not just 4 years of college, it's for life. The girls you choose to call as sisters are the ones who will be with you every step of the way, to celebrate with you all the ups and to cry and comfort you through all the downs in life.

Recruitment Lingo

  • Bid: A contract given to a girl by an organization for them to join the sorority
  • Quota: Amount of girls an organization can give bids to
  • Rho Gammas: For Spring Recruitment, girls will be placed into a group where a sister of an organization will serve as their neutral guide for the week
  • Party: A night where girls can meet the sisters of an organization and get to know them better
  • Class: The group of girls in a particular organization who are going through the process together
  • New member: Any girl who has received a bid from an organization and signed the contract
  • New member process: Process in which new members receive education on their organization's history, philanthropies, rules and regulations, etc.
  • Cross: When a new member has finished her education process and becomes a sister
  • Sisters: Girls who have gone through the new member process

Fall Recruitment 

  • Informal, classes tend to be on the smaller side ranging from 1-10 per organization
  • Qualifications: Must complete a minimum of 4 units (basically a semester at Wagner)
  • Mostly sophomores and older
  • Individual going through recruitment can decide which parties she wants to go to

Spring Recruitment 

  • Formal, classes tend to be on the larger side ranging from 5-15 per organization
  • Qualifications: Must complete a minimum of 4 units (basically a semester at Wagner)
  • Mostly for freshmen, but some upperclassmen go through too
  • Individuals going through recruitment are required to go to every party