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Roommates 101

Hi guys!

I've had four different roommates over the past 4 years -- all different teammates.  It wasn't intentional that it happened that way.  It just happened that I was fortunate enough to get to know a different teaDSCN0590mmate each year for an entire year.  All the roommates have become my closest friends; one in particular has become my best friend.  My current roommate is a senior as well.  We have been the greatest of friends over these 4 years.  She was my first Wagner friend.  We are complete opposites:  she is a complete social butterfly, and I am completely reserved.  She loves entertaining and I like being alone.  It takes her forever to find an outfit, and it takes me two seconds.  Despite that and a lot of other differences, we are so compatible.  I keep her focused, and she keeps me relaxed.  As the craziness of senior year arrives with balancing basketball, practice, etc., we make sure to keep each other sane.

A roommate is something special.  It can either make or break your academic year.  As an incoming freshman, one of the biggest fears is whether you and your future roommate will get along.  I think it is important, no matter what, to make a situation work out.  Before a relationship becomes great, you must make yourself vulnerable.  In any situation, you must open yourself up.  The more doubt you have and the more reserved you become, the harder it is to form a relationship.  You must try!  Not only in relationships, but in any given situation.

Living with another person, other than your family, helps you grow up.  You don't have your mother telling you to do this and do that.  You don't have your father by your side at any given moment.  Your brothers and sisters aren't there to annoy you.  It's just you and your roommate, and you have to make the best of the circumstances.  Enjoy the time you have away from home, and use it as a time to find yourself and learn about yourself.  In doing so, you must learn to cope with others -- and that starts with forming a bond with your roommate.

IMG_4735I think an icebreaker for new roommates is decorating.  Whether you guys have different tastes or enjoy different trends, decorating is a great first step for understanding each other.  By furnishing the room together, you will be able see what your roommate likes.

Another icebreaker is being adventurous.  You and your roommate are both new to the school ... you might as well discover and visit new places with each other.  Perhaps, you both will find a specific spot that you both thoroughly enjoy.

You meet the best people at college.  I feel like Wagner is great at pairing people together.  I've never heard of one failed rooming assignment.  The roommate you had your freshman year ends up being one of your closest and greatest friends.  Roommates after Wagner end up being each other's maids of honor, bridesmaids or groomsmen.  Even more, I've heard of roommates being each other's godparents.  It's incredible what such a bond Wagner roommates create.  A Wagner roommate is a friend for life.

Ugo 🙂