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How To Save/Make Money in College

College is no joke. Tuition, books, new clothing, dorm stuff, and snacks are all the things that families have to pay for when they have a student heading off to a college or university. All of these leave very little money that is designated for students to have as spending money for things that they want to do on weekends.

With Wagner being so close to the city, there are ample opportunities for students to take the ferry and go do activities in the Big Apple but as we all know, nothing is cheap in the city. Here are a few tips that I have cumulated over the last six months on how you can have some money to "treat yo' self" as Donna would say in Parks and Rec.


  1. Split the cost of your textbooks with a friend that you're in the class with. College textbooks are outrageously expensive and any way that you can save on text books is fantastic. If you have a friend (or multiple friends) who are in the same class as you are, ask if you can all split the textbook! It will decrease the cost and you can figure out some system to share the book and take pictures of pages for homework. tumblr_ndpf6bFpld1qm0yhvo1_500
  2. Check other websites (Chegg, Amazon) for your textbooks. Websites like Chegg and Amazon often have your textbooks for fractions of the price that your school bookstore will have. Make sure to check every single book to see if you can save a good amount! It is easy. You just enter the ISBN number on the website and they will give you prices!image
  3. Get a job on campus! There are a myriad of different on campus jobs that are solely for students. At Wagner, it can range from being a desk attendant in a dorm building, to writing blog posts (that's me), or even working at sporting events! You get paid each month and you'd be surprised how much it helps!

    Shameless plug, think about applying to be a member of our HawkTalk team next year!
  4. Ask financial aid for help with scholarships. It never hurts to ask. If your family is having trouble with the cost of tuition, make an appointment with your financial aid office and ask if there is anything that you can do. They may be able to help you discover ways to help pay off tuition or even offer you a scholarship.FAFSA_Logo_Transparent_800x292
  5. KEEP YOUR COINS. I know that this is a principal that some parents tell their children when they are extremely young but it is a great tool to use for the rest of your life. There are multiple times where I have kept my coins and over the course of a month of two, I go to cash it in and I have an extra $40 in my pocket!giphy
  6. Take advantage of your swipes. Your meal plan is your BEST FRIEND. You are already paying for your meal plan so why go and buy pizza every night? At Wagner, you can choose between meal plans. Wagner offers two or three meals a day and if you plan it right, you will not have to order out! Not hungry for breakfast? Take a couple pieces of fruit anyway because it will be a nice snack later. Know the ins-and-outs of your meal plan to make sure that your debit card does not hate you at the end of the semester.1975190_1022446594437259_1042527498486846128_n