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Sleep? There’s a nap for that.

For college students, sleep doesn't necessarily make it to the top of the priorities list. With classes, extracurriculars, the workload and a social life, sleeping tends to have the most inconsistent schedule. Being a senior, I've seen all of the sleeping habits that can occur with a college student. Even still, I haven't been able to master the healthiest sleeping schedule for my collegiate lifestyle. I'd like to present the several types of sleeping habits frequently seen on a college campus. Warning: do not attempt these sleeping habits for curiosity's sake. These habits are not advisable, not even by those who use them. Having a healthy sleep schedule in college IS POSSIBLE (or so I'm told).


Night Owls

There are those who stay up late to get all of their work done or socialize or play video games. Regardless, they find their best way to get everything done and get enough sleep to function is to drink caffeine until it’s time to crash so they can wake up right before their first activity the next day.

Early Birds

There are those who go sleep at a reasonable hour so that they can wake up at an ungodly hour to get their stuff done. This is also convenient for athletes who have to wake up super early for practice anyway. I’ve found that these people have found the best balance of getting a decent amount of sleeping hours while still getting their things done.


3 Hours a Night Isn't Sleep?!

These people blow my mind. I’ve only met a handful of students who can do this. They seriously trained themselves to only sleep for 2-3 hours a night. Like, WHAT?! ARE YOU HUMAN?!?

Day Nappers

Many students get a minimal amount of sleep but have a scheduled nap in between classes. A favorite time is right after lunch… and you finished most of your classes and/or practice… and you feel as though you have plenty of time to do homework… and your bed is so warm… and you might try to read a little bit… but… zzzzzzzzzz….

Occasional All-Nighters

Some people have mastered the occasional all-nighter. Check out Megan’s blog on her experience. This happens when a student procrastinates all of their work until the last minute and must stay up literally all night in order to get it done. While occasional occurrences are somewhat okay, back-to-back all-nighters are just NOT OKAY.


Snoozin’ Through Class (Or In Class)

A frequent side effect of these sleeping habits, particularly the night owl and the over-nighter, is accidentally hitting the snooze button until they snooze right through their first class. On the other hand, they sometimes make it to the room, but then they fall asleep during the class. The best way to not disrespect your professors and actually get something out of the course when this happens is find a way to stay awake. The most common go-to is the popular caffeinated coffee.

Weekend Coma

Some students get everything done during the week, no matter what it takes, and then they crash for entire weekend. Don’t expect to hear from them during the weekend because they are passed out for the next 48 hours. Occasionally they rise for food, but in general it can be a comatose weekend.

Don’t be alarmed: HEALTHY SLEEPING HABITS ARE POSSIBLE. Stay tuned for the best way to get the best sleep as a college student!