So much to do, so little time to write about it

Buon Giorno miei amici!

I am terribly sorry that I've been MIA with my blog posts recently. Everything here has been wild and very hectic, so I'll try to tell you everything that's happened so far in this post.

First I will talk about my friends. I live in an apartment on Via San Antonino with my roommates Pete and Joey, as well as a floor of girls above us that attend the same program we do. So far, we have all become the best of friends. We go to parks, restaurants, and shops together; the "crew" being me, Pete, Joey, Lindsey, Jackie, Elisa, and Caitlin. Everyone who lives with me is so warm, welcoming, and always ready to try new things.

Florence as a city is in fact very diverse. It reminds me of Downtown Manhattan. The roads leave room for people to meander, but at the same time are very descriptive of which road is which. For the first week, I needed either my map of the city from the school, or plug an address into my iPhone before I left the apartment to know where I'm going. The food in Florence, as I suspected, is AMAZING. I actually am sad to think of what pizza will be like once I come back to the states. The only thing about pizza in Italy is that it is one whole pie, for you. So you have to cut it up yourself. Other than this, the pizza here is one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted. Everything is so fresh.

I am also very happy with the courses I chose to take at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute. My art history class is amazing and definitely worth it to take here. The class is focused on art periods from the High Renaissance to contemporary art today. However, in discussions and class trips to famous museums and galleries, we focus on Italian artists represented in each art style we study. My final project consists of comparing and contrasting two "David" sculptures; one by Michelangelo and the other by Bernini.

My International Art Business Course is one of the most interesting and thought provoking classes I have ever taken. It makes me feel really confident in my Arts Administration major, that I now have an Art Business class under my belt, next to the Film Business class I took at Wagner this past year. In this class, we are focusing on art not for its aesthetic value, but for its value as a commodity. We have taken trips to auction houses and antique galleries, with a future trip planned to the Gucci Museum; a chance for us to juxtapose the fashion and art markets and their coexistence together. We study many aspects of the art market, from the Old Masters of the 14th Century to Contemporary art today.

Again, I am terribly sorry that it has taken me so long to make these posts, but over my last week, I will try to speed things up.

Ciao for now,

Erik Arntzen

P.S. Here's a sample of some sites around Florence

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