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Songfest 2016: A Tribute To…

Songfest is an opportunity for student organizations to perform an 8-10 minute medley of their choice that correlates to a different theme each year! "A Tribute To..," was this year's theme and the lineup was as follows!

Alpha Delta Pi Presents: A Tribute To The VMAs (1st Place)
Alpha Omicron Pi Presents: A Tribute To Our American Troops (2nd Place)
Alpha Sigma Alpha Presents: A Tribute To The Circus (3rd Place)
Black Student Union Presents: A Tribute To Cookouts (Audience Favorite)
Kappa Sigma Alpha Presents: A Tribute To 85 Years 
Theta Chi Presents: A Tribute To Soul 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Presents: A Tribute To Super Heroes 
Tau Kappa Sigma Presents: A Tribute To Powerful Women
Theater Advisory Board Presents: A Tribute To Half Time Shows
The Dance Team Presents: A Tribute To Pop Divas

The 8-10 minute medleys performed were not simple! There were elaborate sets, intricate costumes, difficult choreography, amazing lip-syncing, and lots and lots of spirit! Many greek organizations started rehearsals back in February. Since a plethora of students are in multiple groups and organizations on campus, rehearsals were usually held in the late evenings and coffee become a necessity to those rehearsing. Although sleep was scarce, anyone who was able to perform that night would say that those sleepless nights were absolutely worth it.

This year, the first place trophy went to Alpha Delta Pi for their Tribute to VMA Performances!


Hearing the entire Wagner College student body cheer you on is a feeling that one will never forget. You get a rush of adrenaline and you feel unstoppable. Weeks and weeks of preparation leads up to this one performance and all you want to do is have fun and leave it all on the stage!

Each year, a new Songfest King and Queen are crowned! Candidates campaign the weeks leading up to Songfest and the student body votes on who they would like to represent them. There are pins crafted, t-shirts made, music videos produced, and many homemade cookies and cupcakes! This year, WagCab's Songfest King was Stephen Waters representing Tau Kappa Epsilon and Kristi Long representing Alpha Omicron Pi!


For many students, Songfest is the night they look forward to all year. Freshman AOII sister Erin Damers said, "Songfest is one of those nights where you realize how tight of a community Wagner truly is. We all come together to cheer each other on and just have fun!"

As a first year Songfest attendee, I immediately understood the hype for this event the moment I walked into Spiro Sports Center. The seats were filled with tons of students chanting for their organizations. T-shirts of different colors and patterns were everywhere and the clowns even made an appearance (ASA's Tribute to Circus)! I was lucky enough to perform with Theatre Advisory Board and standing on that stage alone for the first 30 seconds of the performance was one of the most exhilarating feelings I've ever felt. Even though this school is so small, there aren't really any opportunities for everyone to come together besides orientation week and that only happens in the beginning of your time here at Wagner. It was a nice reminder of how much I love going to a small school.

Songfest really says a lot about the Wagner community. For three hours on a Saturday night, we are all able to forget about our busy/crazy lives and just live in the moment. Songfest showcases our diverse community, and our insanely talented students, and it showcases our support for each other.