Christian Grotewold On campus

Spring Semester ’13 Overview

The spring semester at Wagner has officially started, and so have all of the activities for it. Although the cold weather is not much help for outside recreation, you can be sure Wagner knows how to keep the students happy, and I'll be there to cover all of the events and tell you all about them.

Here is a brief overview of what's to come:

Beyonce will perform at the Halftime Superbowl Show.

The first main event planned for the upcoming days is Superbowl Sunday. The game will be shown at different places around the campus, like the Greek Life lounges, other students' rooms, etc. But the main event is at the Gate House Lounge, located in Harborview. This event is done by SGA and invites all of the students for a fun night of amazing commercials, the halftime show, and the game.

The day after is the beginning of Greek Rush Week. These days are dedicated to all of the students who are interested in Greek Life; they are invited to attend all of the rush parties of each sorority and fraternity. At the end of the week, bids are given and the new members are welcomed to eat dinner with the brothers and sisters.

Around the second week or so of March, Wagner will have its annual Songfest. This is a dance competition between Greek houses and the Nubian Student Union. It really is very fun to watch and to be a part of. I've only been part of it once, and I can assure you I will most definitely be a part of it again. I like to view this competition as a way of giving everybody else a chance to be on stage, not just the theatre majors. As a matter of fact, I know many of them love to see this competition.

Theta Chi brothers getting ready for Songfest.

The final main event of the semester is Wagnerstock and the Big Name Act. This is held at the Oval and inside the gym for the concert. This event is all dedicated to the arts. During the day there are stands all around the Oval for students to do fun activities involving the arts, and some students perform throughout the day. At night we have the Big Name Act. This year, the rapper Wale will be doing a concert for all Wagner students at the gym.

Of course there will be some smaller events in between all of these, and I'll cover them, but for now I hope you liked this little appetizer and get ready for the main course!