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Staten Island Happenings

Wagner College: Be Part of the City

You will find these words plastered all over campus, and we all know that "the City" is referring to Manhattan. We sometimes forget that we are on Staten Island, a beautiful borough with lots of great places to go to. So, I am going to give you some locations that you will probably want to take trips to, and how to get there using.... THE BUS!


Yay to new experiences and tackling the New York City Public Transportation system!

Royal Crown Bakery, 1350 Hylan Boulevard

Let me tell you something about Royal Crown! You can never go wrong with anything on that extensive menu. From sandwiches, to pastas, to pastries, to salads, to pizza, to that delicious homemade balsamic vinegar; you will find something delicious for you to eat and thoroughly enjoy. There is also outdoor seating available, weather permitting. My personal favorite is the grilled eggplant hero with mozzarella, and tomatoes, topped with balsamic vinegar. You can find the menu here, and the place is definitely worth checking out if you are looking to go off campus and try something new!

If you walk down Howard Avenue to Clove Road, you will find the Bay Ridge bound s53 in front of the Olive Tree Market. Get on the bus, and take it to Hylan Boulevard and Norway Avenue. From there, you may transfer to the Bricktown Mall bound s78 across the street, and take it two stops to Hylan Boulevard and Old Town Road.

Royal Crown Bakery.
Royal Crown Bakery.

Staten Island Mall, 283 Platinum Avenue

Do you need to find some professional clothing for your internship? Or perhaps, stock up on sweaters and jackets because winter is approaching? Your best bet is to go to Staten Island Mall, which has a bunch of stores to shop at for all sorts of occasions, that you can find here. It is easily accessible from Wagner if you walk down the hill to Clove Road and Victory Boulevard. Catch the s61 or s91, and get off at Platinum Avenue, right next to Sears. I like going to the mall because it is right on the Island, and I don't have to trek through the City carrying bags of clothing, then taking the ferry, and the shuttle back to campus.

The center of the Staten Island Mall.
The center of the Staten Island Mall.

Across the road, there is another plaza with a Dunkin Donuts, Michael's Craft Store, Stop and Shop, Best Buy, and a $.99 store. If your needs are not met in the mall, then you can shop at these stores, too.


Target, 2873 Richmond Avenue

If you are looking to buy school supplies, dorm room essentials, groceries, clothing, etc. you can do this at Target! You can actually walk there from the mall, or take the same bus, the s61 or s91, two stops more to Yukon Avenue and Richmond Avenue. The great thing about Target is that it is located in a plaza with a 5 Below, Pathmark, Old Navy and some other shops and restaurants.


Trader Joe’s, 2385 Richmond Avenue

For students who are more selective about what they are consuming (kudos to you), we have a Trader Joe's on the Island. I have heard countless people tell me that they go all the way to Union Square for the Whole Foods there, and I just don't understand. Why not shop on the Island?

To get to Trader Joe's, walk down to Clove Road and Victory Boulevard and catch the Travis bound s62 to Victory Boulevard and Richmond Avenue. From there, transfer to the Staten Island Mall bound s44, and get off at Richmond Avenue and Nome Avenue, and there you are!

Trader Joe's.
Trader Joe's.

Clove Lakes Park, 1150 Clove Road

I know a lot of you like to go to Central Park to get in touch of nature, but it is far away, especially on days where we have a lot of work to do, or long class days. You can walk to Clove Lakes Park from Wagner (it would be a bit long), or you can take the Port Richmond bound s66 from Howard Avenue and Wagner College (right in front of the stadium parking lot) to Victory Boulevard and Little Clove Road. Then walk a few minutes to the park. There are hiking trails, a few lakes, and a lot of nature and beauty to take capture. Don't be so quick to go to Central Park when we have Clove Lakes Park right down the hill!

Some of the beauty of Clove Lakes Park.
Some of the beauty of Clove Lakes Park.


Transfers- With every ride on an MTA bus or subway, you receive a transfer. If you use a MetroCard, the transfer will be on the card, and if you pay with coins on the bus, you must request one. A transfer expires after two hours, and cannot be used on the same bus or subway line. These are great because sometimes it takes more than one bus or subway ride to get to a destination. So, instead of paying to get on again, you have a transfer to use. You cannot get a transfer from a transfer. Only when you pay the fare that you will receive a transfer.

MTA Bus Time- If you are looking to see where the bus is located, use this website. You can put in the bus you are taking, the intersection you are at (to see what buses are around), and it tells you how far away the bus is, and how many minutes it will take to reach the stop.

The Weekender App- For all you App savvy people, you can use The Weekender. It has maps, the updated schedules for the buses and subways, as well as any delays and cancellations.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what there is to do on the Island. I wish I could list all that there is, but that's a lot of work, and you probably wouldn't read it all, so this is what I have to offer. I hope you all immerse yourselves further into what Staten Island has to offer!