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Super Bowl Sunday

Chicken wings, Subway sandwiches, pizza, and beer. These are, from what I have noticed, the perfect ingredients for a Super Bowl Sunday. This past Sunday was the 47th annual Super Bowl between the 49ers and the Ravens, with a special performance by Beyonce and Destiny’s Child during the half time show. Past years I have spent it with my family back home, since I was still in Guatemala, but these last two years I have spent it here in New York and I’m starting to get a good sense of what it’s all about.

The first year I was at Wagner College my experience was not that memorable, some friends and I just went to watch the game and the half time show at Gate House (this is where Residential Life was showing the game open to the public). We then decided to head over to Theta Chi to see what the brothers were up to. Not being part of the fraternity yet, my friends and I walked up to the floor and hung around with all of the members of the fraternity. That was my first relaxed experience with them and it made me feel comfortable and welcomed.

Ravens vs. 49ers
Ravens vs. 49ers

This year was a completely different experience. Being part of the fraternity, I was able to be part of the planning behind our Super Bowl Sunday and deciding how we would decorate the lounge. One of the brothers arranged the couches in a way that made the lounge seem like a movie theatre and he also hung football-themed decorations around the lounge. By the time he was done arranging the lounge, it looked ready for a movie.

We still had some hours until the game, so we all started to gather food and drinks; some got pizza, others got sandwiches, some got Coke and those who are old enough to drink got some beer. There were some brothers that even decided to get food from one of the dining services here at Wagner. We were all making an effort to supply a lot of food for our guests. By the end of the night, there was not a single crumb of anything left.

Once the game started, everyone was seated and enjoying the tackling and scoring. Half of us were only waiting for one thing: Beyonce. Being a heavily artistic college, most of the students here were only interested in the Super Bowl because Beyonce was going to perform at the half time show. There even were some jokes like, "Did you hear there will be a football game at a Beyonce concert?" Once it was time for the show, we were all ready to be blown away. I think I did not breathe until the final note of "Halo" was sung. Beyonce was flawless.

Beyonce performing with Destiny's Child
Beyonce performing with Destiny's Child

As much as I only wanted to watch the half time show, I made an effort to finish the game in respect of the brothers and friends who are really into football. Even though I did not understand a single thing that was happening I must say, I did enjoy the tackling as much as everyone does. In the end, it was a really nice time to spend with all of my brothers and friends, and I am definitely looking forward to next year's Super Bowl.