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Take Me Back to Freshman Year

Hey People!


Hello Chi Town!

So recently I was reminiscing about my freshman year while going through the million pictures I had on my laptop. It's safe to say my freshman year was REALLY fun.Most especially the second semester. The first semester was more of a slow start for me. I was just getting used to the change (for those who don't know, I am from London). New country, new "home" and new culture. It also did not help that I arrived at Wagner two weeks later than every other freshman, due to flight issues. So imagine me, new to a country, missed the orientation and basically friendless. The first few weeks were a mini disaster and I felt home sick everyday (as predicted). However over the following months, it became one of my best life experiences.

My first human encounter at Wagner was with my roommate. You can pretty much say we were from two different worlds. She, a golf player from Minnesota and me, well just me. However I couldn't have asked for a better roommate. We got along beyond expectation. I don't actually think we ever had a single argument. Best freshman roomie ever.

True sea hawk love at first sight
thanksgiving food
Yup, food like this is why Thanksgiving is EASILY my favourite holiday

Then there was my Learning Community. I was in LC14: America's Society & Its Social Problems. This LC consisted of  Urban politics and Sociology. Taking this LC opened my eyes to what career path I would want to venture in. My Urban Politics professor from my LC is also my current advisor for my major. My LC also gave me some serious life skills. Especially in writing research papers. I am forever going to be grateful for that. My favourite part of my LC were the trips we took to Manhattan. I was in full tourist mode when I first got to New York and was up for anything that involved wandering around NYC.  I spent my first ever Thanksgiving with a friend's family in New Jersey. It was beautiful and her family were so kind and welcoming, I felt at home. She was also West African, Liberian to be precise, so it really felt like home. Definitely one of my favourite days from freshman year.

Then the basketball games. Basketball officially became my favourite sport here at Wagner. I only missed a few games thanks to my friends. It was the one American sport I actually understood. I loved cheering for our players.

Fast forward to spring break which was spent in Chicago. I was invited by my friend and her family to stay at her house for the spring break. Do not get me started on how beautiful Chi town is. It's like another NYC except with less people and more wind. My friend is half Nigerian and it felt good to be reunited with some good Nigerian food. Overall, I was really grateful for the experience

A post would never be enough to describe and list the fun things I did during my freshman year. It was an event-filled year and I would do it all over again if I could. I definitely did break out of my shell freshman year!