Carrie Holt Part of NYC

Tap In To NYC Water!

water1In case you have been living in a hole forever and didn't know.... WATER IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Water makes up 70 percent of your body. It is the key to LIFE. In the United States, we have very easy access to water. We use it on a daily basis to shower, brush our teeth, flush the toilet, make our coffee and cook with it. So what's the big deal about water....? REALLY?!

If you haven't noticed or haven't had the opportunity to try New York City tap water... IT'S AMAZING. Actually though, New York City tap water it known around the country (and possibly the world) for its incredible quality. Just taste it. It's delicious. I am also convinced it makes my hair softer.

So why is NYC water so amazing?

water3The water we drink here at Wagner and all over New York City comes from this huge watershed in upstate New York consisting of a network of nineteen reservoirs and three controlled lakes. One billion gallons of water come from the watershed every day! Most of the water is provided by precipitation (rain & snow) that falls within the Watershed and is collected within the reservoirs. The watershed is continually monitored. Water gets to NYC through a series of tunnels and aqueducts. Once disinfected, water is then sent directly to our taps for use. Notice something interesting? There is NO FILTER. New York is one of five major cities in the US that does not have to filter its drinking water because it is so protected in the watershed. SO REFRESHING. SO HYDRATING. YUMMMMM. Seriously, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the City a 10-year Filtration Avoidance Determination (FAD) in 2007.

water2How lucky are we to have such amazing water at the turn of the tap? REALLY LUCKY. Even though water covers 75 percent of the Earth's surface, only one percent of that water is suitable for drinking. We need to conserve and protect our water. The best way to do that is to not overuse our tap water. Shorten your showers, don't leave the sink running, you know the drill. Another way this awesome tap water greatly improves our lives and the future of the world is that it is so delicious, we do not need to drink/buy bottled water. Just drink it from the tap! New York City can reduce plastic waste tremendously.