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Teaching and Learning in South Korea

In the summer of my sophomore year, I was given a life-changing opportunity to teach and learn at Dankook University in South Korea. This unique program allowed me to experience both what it means to teach and learn in a different country and my experience helped to develop my passion for education, volunteer work, and travel.

As a young person, I think it is important that I work towards having a global perspective and a deep understanding of different cultures and people. I am incredibly honored to have been chosen to represent my college at Dankook University in South Korea.

During my stay, I acted as both student and teacher and was granted an immersive experience that matched me with other young Korean people. We were able to discuss politics, gender dynamics, race relations and softer topics such as music and dating culture. Through my experience, I learned that while cultures can be different, values are universal. I may have been raised in America and my students in South Korea but we all hold family, tradition, love, and education to be vital parts of our lives.

My students in many ways have revitalized my love for travel and my appreciation for that which is foreign and new. I am proud to have had this experience and opportunity to sit back, learn, and fully immerse myself in another culture through my students, the food, the music and something as new as the hangul writing. I have been blessed to have this experience and I eagerly await my next adventure while knowing that I will definitely visit South Korea again to learn even more about what this incredible country has to offer.