Meg and I eating our rice noodles after two hours of traveling!
Lynn Tay Megan Irving Part of NYC

Team Adventure in Flushing, Queens

Last weekend, Megan and I went on an adventure to Chinatown in Flushing, Queens! We went with a friend of ours, Lynn Chen, who is an international student from China. It was a fun weekend full of food, excitement, and shopping in the largest and fastest growing ethnic Chinese enclaves outside of Asia. After about two hours of traveling from Wagner all the way to the Chinatown, our efforts were rewarded by a fabulous, relaxing lunch, followed by dessert-- bubble milk tea and a chocolate slushie. Watch the highlights of our day on this video clip, which was edited by the talented Megan Irving! Below are also pictures from our day. If anyone is ever looking for something different and exciting to do on a weekend, I highly recommend going out to Queens to explore this Chinatown. Just hop onto the R train, transfer to the 7 train, and get off on Main Street! Easy as counting to three!