I can't believe I'm sitting down to write my last blog post of the summer.  I've spent eight weeks here and in just a few hours, I'll be making the drive home one last time.  In case you in need of a quick summary of my summer, I've provided it below.

The Staten Island Boardwalk at sunset.

The Staten Island Boardwalk at sunset.

This summer, I have made the drive to Wagner from my home on Long Island and back eight times.

I've planned countless events for PRSAB, several of which will take place during orientation weekend.

I connected with everyone in the Center for Student Engagement, who couldn't have been more open.

I spent time working and relaxing in Port Richmond.

I ate at Denino's and Ralph's, both in Port Richmond, twice.

I've researched other colleges similar to Wager from Pape Admissions House.

I've had great conversations with all the admissions counselors here in the admissions office, who made me feel so welcome.

I've given almost fifty tours of campus to families of several different backgrounds & hometowns.  Everywhere from Florida to Brazil.

I've eaten dinner at the Gracie Mansion with some really important New Yorkers.

I've spent lots of time with my sisters and the rest of my family at home in Riverhead.

I've explored Staten Island with my friend Steph who lives here.  Last night we took in Staten Island at sunset from the boardwalk.

Enjoying some lobster dinner with my sisters!

Enjoying some lobster dinner with my sisters!

I've scooped a ton of ice cream at the ice cream place I work in at home.  Actually, it might have been over a ton.

I've kept in touch with my best friend Molly, who spent 8 weeks studying and interning abroad in Argentina.

I've spent time with my first-year roommate in Manhattan, who is majoring in theater tech at Wagner and working on the opening of Cinderella on Broadway.

I was visited by my friend Jared, who helped me move all of my belongings back into Harborview from Towers. I'm so thankful.

I was also visited by my friend Gabby, who was brave enough to venture into NYC with me in the middle of a thunderstorm.

I got the chance to take a few days off and spend time with my favorite family in North Carolina.

I've stayed up till 2am having girl talk with my summer roommate.

Denino's date with my friends Gabby and Jared!

Denino's date with my friends Gabby and Jared!

Spending time with my cousin in Polk County, NC.

Spending time with my cousin in Polk County, NC.

I've made new friends on campus and connected with old friends, as well.

It's been a pretty unforgettable summer.  Even though I think I've only had a few days off between my jobs here at Wagner and my job at home, I would definitely say it was worth it.  On Saturday morning, my family and I are road tripping to Louisiana, where my older sister is getting her PhD at LSU in the fall.  I'm really excited to have the next two weeks off before I come right back to school for RA training, the fall semester, and all the new adventures that await me.

These blog posts have really helped me reflect on everything I've done at Wagner this summer and before this summer.  I think it's easy to forget how lucky we are.  Writing these blog posts have definitely helped me keep those things in perspective.  I often think of my grandparents, my grandmothers in particular, who were never lucky enough to go to college.  And here I am, studying and becoming myself in NYC with an amazing support system made up of family, friends and Wagner faculty.  I will always be thankful for my college experience and this summer only adds to the endless list of items I have Wagner to thank for.  I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog and it hasn't bored you too much.  I've so enjoyed writing it and hope that just for a moment, you will think about how lucky you are, too.  It's easy to think about all of the stressful things and get caught up in the monotony of our everyday lives, but it's so important to just sit and think about all the things you have to be thankful for.  That's what I just did in this blog post.  Now my heart feels really happy.

Good luck with everything you do in your future, whether you're a future Wagner student, a current Wagner student, or just my mom (cause I know you'll read this, too).  And don't forget to think about all the good things every once in a while.  It definitely helps.

Thanks for taking the blogging journey with me.




ps. Did I ever mention it was my idea to name this blog Hawk Talk?  Cause it rhymes.  Pretty clever, I know.  I had to take the credit eventually.

Author: Kellie Griffith

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