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The 10 Friends You’ll Meet In College

Dear Reader, 

So I've been thinking lately. I know, right? A woman? Thinking? What will the council elders have to say about this? Seriously reader, senior year makes you think a lot. Sure, half of the thinking is panic and the other half is exhaustion, but somewhere in that mix is a whole lot of nostalgia.

Many people say college was the best time of their lives. I don't know why they say that. I think that's more of a deathbed situation. And when I look back on my life, I hope the best time will be on a yacht with Leonardo DiCaprio and like a dozen Oscars. (You can do it, Leo. I believe in you, babe.)

I can say that I have had some of my craziest and best memories here at Wagner. Those memories are stuck in my mind forever, and along with them are the friends that helped make them. College is an opportunity to meet so many different people, and we're lucky enough to call some of them our friends.

But, those friends come in many different forms:

1. The Roommate


Often your very first friend at college, the roommate friendship is a very special one. You may not have all the same interests (or the same sleep schedule) but there is a very unique bond formed when you share a living space. That's the person you vent to, the person who orders pizza with you at 1 a.m., and that bond remains long after you move out.

2. The Wild One


This friend is the life of the party, even when you didn't know a party was happening. A text from this person both excites and terrifies you. But really, they make a great companion anywhere. Three hour lecture? Bring the party with you. Just make sure you didn't have anything scheduled for the morning.

3. Your Professor Buddy


This one may come as a surprise. Sure, you had close teachers in high school, but nothing like this. When you attend a small college, it's guaranteed your professors will know you. What they don't tell you is some become your mentors, your life coaches, therapists, and friends.

(I've spent many hours in the offices, on the couches, and occasionally the floors of my professors. Thanks History and Film Departments!)

4. The Major Friend


Now, while friends are a major key to success, I'm not preaching the DJ Khaled gospel to you (yet). Once you declare your major, you'll notice the same people popping up in your classes. These people are your rocks. They know exactly what you're going through, because they're going through it with you. You're grateful for them in class, out of class, and especially in the library basement at 3 a.m.

(Haaaaay class of 2016!)

5. The Easy Going One


You may not always see that easy going, chillax friend, but when you do, your day is made. They've got that easygoing demeanor you wish you could replicate. Having them as a friend is such a relief. They don't want to talk about politics or school or significant others. They just wanna chill, man, and you're down for it.

6. The Home Friend


The home friend comes in a few varieties. Maybe you've known each other since middle school, maybe you just met. Maybe you're from the same block or the same part of the country. Your home friend is there for you when you need to reminisce. Jonesing for that favorite vacation spot or regional delicacy? So are they! BONUS: They make the perfect traveling companion.

(Shoutout to my Midwestern peeeps.)

7. The Greek


Just being in a Greek organization won't automatically make you the Greek friend. I'm talking about the people who are always throwing what they know, counting down the days till cross night, and have more shirts with Greek letters then regular shirts. These people are the best. They're proud of their organization and of their brothers/sisters. Plus, they may even invite you to a party or two.

8. The Frenemy


This friend may get under your skin. It's not that you don't like them, it's that they're too good at what they do. Getting competitive with a friend isn't a bad thing. It can drive the two of you forward and make you work even harder. Be grateful for each other; just don't be alone in a room together.

9. The Funny One


Oh, funny friends. Thank heaven for funny friends. This person makes you laugh out loud and snort blue Powerade out of your nose. They're a must-have in class and all they really want in return is your laughter. However, they will ask you to attend their improv show, so start thinking of excuses now.

10. The Best Friend

I'm talking about your Best






This person is... well... your person. They know what you're thinking with a single look. They have read all of the texts between you and your crush. They know how to cheer you up when your mad, sad, or just having a Tuesday. You don't have to worry about being anybody but yourself around this person, even if yourself is a total weirdo crazy person. They drive you crazy, but you can't stay mad at them, mostly because you're driving them crazy right back. You're eternally grateful for them, and will probably have to help them bury a body move a couch into a walk up.

When you move away from home, you expect your college to become your new home. Then you get here and you realize, it's the people who make a home, not the place itself. And all of these friends are your home. Listen to them, love them, and wish them Happy Birthday on something that isn't their Facebook wall.

Be thankful.