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The Best Spots To Study On Campus

Back home, I had a few spots in my town that were ideal for me to be the most productive. Ranging from my dining room table, to the local Starbucks, to the park downtown. Now that I'm in a new environment, I needed to find those spots that would allow me to focus and get my homework done in a timely manner. With finals coming up, I thought I'd write a post about the different places that students can go to study.

  1. Horrmann Library - The most obvious spot on campus to study is the library. With three different levels for students to study, it is a great place if you need an absolute quiet spacehormann library to collect your thoughts. You can study in the big open space on the first floor, or go to one of the study rooms with friends on the lower level. You can reserve one of the conference rooms to study together and you won't have to be completely quiet. It also has interactive smart boards for students to use.

  2. The Union Patio - This is mainly for fall or spring. Breathing in fresh air can be pretty helpful when studying for a difficult exam or attempting at some homework. The Union Patio is nice because you're outside and can take in the beautiful campus around you while also being productive. Get a coffee from Starbucks, and plug in your headphones, and you are set to get a lot of work done. Also, a bonus to studying here is you can people-watch, which is my favorite part of going anywhere in public.FullSizeRender 2

  3. The Union - The Union is definitely for someone who can deal with a bit of noise. With the dining hall down the stairs and HawksNest a few steps away, it can get a little bit loud. You may also get distracted with the constant flow of students in and out. The view of the city is gorgeous and can be very inspiring to get your work done. Another instance of where your headphones are your best friend and will get you focused. Union

  4. The Oval - The famous oval is prime location to get some work done on a nice fall or ovalspring day. Wagner's most photographed place is ideal for homework. Lay out a blanket and you are set for getting homework done AND getting some color to your skin. Be cautious of the many other people on the oval that are there for socializing and not doing homework related things.

  5. Your Room - The place you probably feel most at home at is your own room. You've spent a countless number of hours there. Being comfortable can be a blessing and a curse. It could backfire because I know personally, I end up sitting on my bed with al of my books open and then fifteen minutes later, I've decided that I deserve a nap. Make sure if you're studying your room, that you have the focus and silence that you would need in the library. dorm

With that, I wish you best of luck on all of your finals coming up and hope you had as great of a first semester as I did!