The Countdown Begins…

Hello Fellow Reader! As you may already know Orientation is about 72 days away! So, in just 72 days you will be moving onto campus, meeting new friends, learning about Wagner College and all it has to offer, speaking with your advisors and professors, educating yourself on new policies and opening your mind to new ideas! Sounds like a lot... huh? Well, don’t rush your summer away even though this is probably the first time in your life you are counting down for school to begin; and I certainly don’t blame you for doing so!

While you are on the beach tanning, swimming in the pool or doing whatever college students do in the summer, the Orientation Team is hard at work! In an upcoming post, you will meet our new NODA Intern; Anna Lombardo! She will be assisting the two Orientation Coordinators (Allie and I) throughout the summer! For those of you from the New England area, she is a native New Englander!

Any questions throughout the summer you can contact us by email, phone, through our Wagner College Class of 2016 Official Facebook Page! or through our Wagner College 2016 Twitter Page! I will post our contact information below!


Phone: 718-390-3276

Happy Socializing!


Author: christopher.defilippi

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