Mark Beyer On campus

The Royal Life of a Homecoming Queen Escort

The Royal Court being announced at the Pep Rally

The weather was just right, there was a hint of royalty in the air, I was carted onto the field behind majestic horses, doves were flying, the announcement was made… and I was next to the Homecoming Queen. Well, at least it felt like that.

How often do you get to stand next to a Queen? Unless you can get a hot date with England’s Queen Elizabeth II, you’re not going to find one around here. Okay now maybe I’m exaggerating a little but in all honesty, following the queen around is quite an exciting experience.

We started the day before the ceremony with a royal dinner (snack) in Foundation where all the princes, princesses, escorts, and close friends of the candidates had a meet and greet.

Once that concluded, we marched on over to the pep rally where we were officially announced! We watched as dance and cheer performed, the starting football lineup was announced, and the poster winner was announced.

The Royal Court on the field during halftime

After a pleasant night of rest, we rose again to be announced in front of the alumni at the Homecoming festivities event. Following that, we walked around and talked to the alumni and the rest of the school before attending the Homecoming game.

The school was nice enough to let us sit in giant thrones the second row of bleachers to watch the game. As we got close to halftime they staged us on the field to await the big event.

Waiting on the field we again watched dance and cheer perform and also saw a handful of Wagner alumni be inducted into the sports Hall of Fame. Now we get to the exciting part.

We marched onto the field in front of thousands hundreds of cheering fans and awaited the announcement. They started with the First Prince, Michael Remini of Sigma Chi, and First Princess, Alexa Evans of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Then they announced Storm Michael of Tau Kappa Epsilon as Homecoming King. Finally, they announced Shannon Malecki of Alpha Omicron Pi as Homecoming Queen! I was next to her almost as excited as her about the outcome!

The Royal Court after the crowning

We walked off the field and were mobbed by the paparazzi. Well, more like the candidates were mobbed, but the escorts snuck in for a few shots.

Shannon and I after her crowning

Overall, it was a great experience as escort and I congratulate all of the candidates for running. Most importantly, congratulations to Storm and Shannon for taking the throne this year. I can’t wait to see who will win next year!