Angela Zagami

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Transferred Schools

I never expected to transfer schools. I never expected to wake up one day, after nearly three semesters at my previous school, and realize that it was no longer the place I had once been so excited about spending the next four years. I never expected to transfer schools… But I transferred to Wagner this semester, and I never expected to be so happy for making that decision. Here are some things people don’t tell you about transferring.

The decision to leave may be hard, so you might feel torn at first.

I was afraid to let anyone in on the feelings I had about my unhappiness at my school and my thoughts on leaving. Would my friends take it personally? Would my parents be disappointed in me? I kept my fears inside for far too long, and I failed to remember that my friends and family were there to support me: and that’s exactly what they did when I let confessed what I was thinking. They helped me through my decision with the best advice they could, and made it easier for me to make a decision.

Try to remember that everyone’s “4 Year Experience” is different!

For some, college doesn’t happen in 4 years. A lot of people graduate early; or, if you’re like me, you’ll take some time off to intern and figure out your career path -- and then ultimately transfer schools. That’s okay too. The only way you’ll truly set yourself back is if you compare your path to someone else’s!

You won’t expect to miss your old school once you leave, but you most likely will.


It’s extremely bittersweet to say goodbye to one chapter of your life, while feeling excited for the next chapter of your life. I am very lucky to have met my best friends at my old school. But, once I left, I no longer lived with them and saw them every day. I knew that bigger things were waiting for me, but it was tough to see the world I knew continue to spin without me a part of it.

Once you get to your new school, you are going to compare everything to your old school.

football gameWhen I came to Wagner, I met people from all over the country. My old school didn’t have that much diversity -- we were almost all from New Jersey. My classes weren't held in buildings that spread across the campus -- my old school had only one building for all of my classes. I saw myself doing this more and more, but then I learned to enjoy my new home. Then I realized: Wagner was slowly becoming my new home... and I didn’t mind that one bit.

It’s scary to leave behind your comfort zone… But Wagner is a happy place.

I met my first friends at transfer orientation, and I continue to meet new and wonderful people every single day. Wagner is a beautiful community filled with individuals of all different backgrounds; and if you stop for a moment you’ll find that there are incredible people walking the same campus as you. Starting over is intimidating, but you are not alone. I had always been the kind of person to stay in my comfort zone, and pass up certain opportunities. It was only when I put myself and my own happiness first, took a leap of faith, and decided to transfer, that I gained the confidence I needed to find my voice. And you can too. 


Let’s face it: change can be very scary. But, it can also be exactly what you need in order to grow. If you are thinking of transferring to Wagner, consider speaking with an admissions counselor, academic advisor, faculty member, or current students. When you take the path less traveled, you challenge yourself to overcome the obstacle of the unknown... and you might be surprised what you'll find.