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Top 5 Classes to Take

Its almost time to register for classes and as an education freak (I lied), I want to share with you some of the classes I have taken here at Wagner and you might want to register for. I have only been here for 2 years, which is more than enough to take a variety of classes. So in no particular order here are a list of my top 5 favourite classes I highly recommend:

African History

Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire (1220-1337)

This was one of those classes that everybody expected me to know everything about, simply because I'm from Africa *rolls eyes* which is far from the truth. One could simply not know all the history of 53 African countries.

I loved this class because it was a reminder of how rich my culture was, besides the generic slave history. The most important lesson from this class was that once upon a time before the slave ships, were mighty empires such as the Mali empire. My professor, who happen to be from Senegal was able to use maps, textbooks and personal knowledge to teach this class. If you want to learn about a different culture this is highly recommended.

Human Sexuality

I am currently still taking this class but would highly recommend it. Coming from a very conservative society that did not encourage sex education, its almost a breath of fresh air to take a class that explores both male and female sexuality. It is really essential to know your body mostly for health reasons. This class allows you to do that. It also allows you to explore and learn the practices of other cultures. Human sexuality covers all ranges of expressions that one's sexuality takes place such as biological and psychological. I am pretty sure knowledge gained from this class would be helpful beyond the classroom which is why it is highly recommended.

Van Gogh self portrait

Art History

I feel like at some point in everyone's education, a class in Art History has to be taken. Wagner College offers various Art History classes and I took an art history class that studied Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Lets just say I didn't realize how much I loved art until this class. Through this class I was able to visit museums here in New York City such as the Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Both museums hold historic works of historic artists: the original works. It was almost surreal standing in front of the legendary Starry Night (1889). Highly recommended if you want to explore art and a fun class to take for art general education requirement



Feminist Film

As a proud feminist and advocate of women's rights, it would be a sin to not recommend a gender studies class. I am currently in the first of its kind here at Wagner and it's safe to say it is a class that will be here to stay. As the name suggests, we watch movies that relate to themes of feminism and gender relations. I promise you this is not a men bashing class as there guys in this class well. Our main text is The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir, a book I like to call the bible of feminism. If you are into films (as there a lot of films to watch for this class), and gender, this is the class for you.

Kevin Spacey - House of Cards


Last time I took an acting class was in secondary school in England and I didn't love it as much as I loved the one here at Wagner. Acting class is a very fun way to fulfill your art general requirement. It is a class that allows you to be yourself. One of those classes that you will eagerly look forward too. My acting professor, Theresa McCarthy, was simply amazing and helped us explore our inner Meryl Streep and Kevin Spacey.

Fun Fact: Professor McCarthy happens to be on Netflix Original series's House of Cards (I didn't find out till after I took the class and was totally freaking out when I did). I mean how many of you can say you had a professor who was on an Emmy awarded show?


I really hope this helps if you are looking for fun, interesting classes to take. I guarantee that you will not be dozing off in any of this classes. Enjoy!